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Quick advice on non-payer/ second chance offer

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lozster Sat 20-Dec-14 11:43:44

Argh - struggling to understand policies - can anyone help?

OH had an auction for lap top close on Wednesday evening. Two bidders went up to £750. Terms were paypal only and parcel force 24 free. Buyer doesn't make contact for over 24 hours and no payment. Oh invoices and send follow up mail saying it is packed and ready to go to PO immediately. Buyer contacts after 24 hours to say he will be driving through our area the day after can he pick up? OH says no, he is at work and the laptop will be with him just as quick if he pays by Paypal as he can post that day whilst at work. Buyer then responds 12 hours later asking OH to call him which he does. Buyer wants to come to the house in the evening, see the lap top working then pay by Paypal. Not acceptable as it wasnt up for collection only postage as we are busy plus collection = cash surely? He is refusing to mutually cancel the sale as he says the item is too expensive to get by post. I can see his POV but 1) item was post by parcel force 2) no contact to ask about collection plus demo was made before auction 3) paypal on collection is a no no as I understand it.

So, we read 'what to do if a buyer doesn't pay' and 'second chance offers' and I don't understand if we can contact the second buyer straight away or if we need to open the dispute first? Are they parallel or consecutive processes? Also are they going to be able to leave negative feedback.

If someone could help we'd be very grateful as this is causing some stress! This guy has 4000 (yup that's three zeros) feedback 100% positive so we are confused about why he has been slow to pay and difficult.

lozster Sat 20-Dec-14 11:45:28

Sorry not sure if I have got time frames right in there. It was 24 hours no contact but it has been 3 days now since the auction closed.

baabi Sat 20-Dec-14 12:45:45

As far as I understand you can not do a second chance offer until you until the first transaction is cancelled as you risk having two buyers for one item. I would contact ebay and ask for their view on it. Definitely do not accept PayPal on collection as you would not be covered. I would open a non payment case, but the buyer is being so awkward that I suspect he might pay and then claim a not as described case. Is his feedback as a buyer or as a seller? If as a buyer it does not mean anything as buyers can not get negative feedback anyway and it has been like that for about 2 years. Good luck!

Twinklebells Sat 20-Dec-14 16:20:35

you normally have to send a cancellation request to get your fees back - if the buyer refuses this will cost you £75 in fees. But I would open a non paying case now, and close in 4 days. Then he can't neg. And add him to blocked bidder list too.

Cash on collection only no exceptions whatsoever. I think this buyer is trying to scam you. .

glammanana Sat 20-Dec-14 17:16:08

This reads "Scam" all over it,open a non payment case now and close in the required time then you contact your second chance bidder.

lozster Sat 20-Dec-14 18:01:28

Thanks guys - that is really good to know. I really appreciate you taking the time out to reply.

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