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Return postage - who's liable ?

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willowisp Thu 18-Dec-14 17:37:43

I've recently bought 2 items, from separate sellers. Both items described as VGC, hardly used, etc.
Item 1 has damage to the point of being scruffy & unwearable

Item 2 it's scratched & clearly not as described.

I'm only returning because both items are no good. (They would have been perfect gifts otherwise)
How should I proceed in order to ensure return postage is paid & I'm not out of pocket ? It's going to cost me about 1/4 of item 1 & over 1/2 cost of the 2nd item.

emptycoffers Thu 18-Dec-14 18:54:00

I'm in a similar boat to you - my understanding (and Ebay's) is the seller is required to pay return postage when items are not as described.

The only issue is, I guess, as I haven't managed to get my refund yet, that you have to send the item back before the seller repays... not ideal I feel, after all, as a buyer, you've already paid up front first and been diddled already... not exactly grounds to trust a seller to refund properly... but I guess they won't want neg feedback.

willowisp Thu 18-Dec-14 22:50:59

Thanks - I had to send something back to the U.S. once & emailed me a pre-paid post label.

I get very cross when I'm not at fault !

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