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Help - problems with buyer for collection-only item!

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Methren Wed 17-Dec-14 11:19:11

I put a large piece of furniture up for auction last week, listed as collection-only and cash payment on collection. The winning bidder didn't contact me, so I sent them a message asking to arrange collection and payment. No response to my message, or to a follow-up the next day, but the buyer has now paid by PayPal (despite me requesting cash payment). I've messaged them again, pointing out that the item is collection-only. Still no response. Any advice on what should I do next?

Twinklebells Wed 17-Dec-14 16:16:51

refund the paypal and message asking them for cash only - no exceptions.

Methren Thu 18-Dec-14 12:09:49

Thanks for the advice, Twinklebells. I refunded the PayPal payment and gave the buyer 24 hours to respond or I'd request cancellation of the transaction. Buyer has now (finally!) contacted me to arrange collection.

Buyer is registered as a business seller with good feedback ratings, so I expected better communication than this.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 18-Dec-14 13:11:25

The problem with buyers paying by PayPal and then collecting the item is that you will always get a swindler who will deny receiving the item and claim their money back. So they have both your money and your item and PayPal on their side. Quite why Ebay don't seem to have realised this is beyond me. They insist on you including PayPal as a method of payment even for collection only items. There should be a separate method of listing payment for collection only items. Ebay can be really awkward arses sometimes.

Twinklebells Thu 18-Dec-14 13:25:42

eBay are very well aware of it - but as they own paypal they are not going to make sellers aware of it, as they want the paypal fees.

alltoomuchrightnow Thu 18-Dec-14 14:14:01

yes I've had this... when i refunded the Paypal, they immediately then left me neg FB and sent a stream of abusive messages! they also wanted me to wait one month, for their own courier to collect. Of course I refused... (the person had a UK account but they turned out to be in Tanzania) I made a phone call to eBay and they removed the FB. I re listed the item...and guess what.. next person again paid in Paypal and yes I'd put in very big letters, cash only. Refunded them and then they organised own courier and only part paid me, Never again!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 18-Dec-14 21:11:19

Oh do they own PayPal? I did not know that. No wonder then. hmm

Chopstheduck Thu 18-Dec-14 21:14:14

Problem is, you have to accept paypal, even on a collection only auction. Funnily enough, eBay insist on it!

flossieflower Thu 18-Dec-14 21:17:07

I had exactly the same recently- buyer admitted living in Barcelona!! Wanted me to package said large piece of furniture and wait in all day for a courier- I cancelled the transaction as I wasn't prepared to pay for packaging, wait in, not be paid cash or to have no way of proving that the item was up damaged or that it had arrived. Relisted it and got another business buyer who didn't make contact for a week but did then arrive in a van with cash.

It's very annoying that people ignore the 'cash on collection' part of listings and that eBay don't give you the option to NOT have PayPal as a payment option.

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