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Buyer with 0 feedback wanting to buy it now before my auction ends

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LuckySaint Wed 03-Dec-14 15:24:31

I'm selling clothes at the moment, i've got a jacket on auction starting at £100.
Received a message today from someone who joined ebay in January 2014, offering to buy it now for £120.
My listing is just set to auction at the moment.
They're not selling anything and their feedback is 0

I've said on the listing that it's being sent by Special Delivery.
Something's putting me off though.

Any advice welcome?

LuckySaint Wed 03-Dec-14 15:25:17

There's no bids on my item at the moment and the auction ends tomorrow night.

OneHandFlapping Wed 03-Dec-14 15:28:20

I buy stuff, I never sell anything, and I have no feedback. I'm legit. There must be lots of people like me.

LuckySaint Wed 03-Dec-14 15:31:46

I was thinking that, I had no feedback for a while but then I always leave fb, so it worried me.

I know my item is covered insurance wise.
I just don't want the hassle of anything going wrong.

Patchworkqueen Wed 03-Dec-14 15:54:51

0 feedback is not necessarily a bad thing, and buyers can't have any negs anyway.

And buyers with high feedback can easily claim not as described or send a different item back to the one you sent.

LuckySaint Wed 03-Dec-14 16:08:48

Thanks for your help thanks

nauticant Wed 03-Dec-14 17:06:33

I had something similar the other week although it was someone after a big discount on a high value Buy-It-Now. I declined and then blocked them, my instinct was that this might be a non-straightforward person. I then got a series of pestering messages complaining I was spoiling Christmas for his "little lad".

fuzzpig Wed 03-Dec-14 17:10:20

I wouldn't risk it.

RojaGato Sun 07-Dec-14 05:28:44

I wouldn't risk it. I did it recently on an coat I had listed with a reserve price, although I had a niggling feeling I shouldn't. The person received the item, then emailed saying that it was different shade than listed (it wasn't) and they wanted a refund. They took a long time to send it back and it had been worn. So I have paid postage costs for someone to wear my coat and diminish it's value! I didn't want to get into a big scrap about it via Paypal, it's obvious in person that it has been worn, but I don't know how well that would come across in photos.

TBH, it was the last straw for me with ebay and I've withdrawn my last few for sale items. New Year's resolutions are no ebay sales or Amazon purchases!

She was a really entitled self-centred madam in all her emails after the sale as well. I can do without that sort in my life!

sherbetpips Wed 10-Dec-14 12:45:29

I wouldnt do it, I get it when they go in with a cheeky offer but the fact that they have gone in over makes me suspicious. They will probably claim non delivery. If you wanted to do a buy it now you would have done so, relist it next time at a lower price with the �120 bin.

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