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Is this allowed and what can I do about it? Need quick advice

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NancyJones Sun 30-Nov-14 20:19:59

I bid on an item and received an email saying I had been outbid. I was out shopping when I got the email and as I needed the item I just thought, sod it and Decided then to buy a new one which I did and thought nothing more. I've just received an email saying the other bid was retracted and I'm now highest bidder. Well I've bought the item and no longer want the eBay one. I thought I'd been out bid and that was that. How can the bid be retracted 5 or 6 hours after it was placed? Is it the owner or associate trying to make me bid higher then when they realise I won't they retract the bid?
Any Advice please? Thanks

NancyJones Sun 30-Nov-14 20:31:35


Blossomy14 Sun 30-Nov-14 20:45:33

just cancel the bid - it could be shill bidding or change of mind. Look at bid history to see if the retracted bidder has bid on any of the sellers other items.

glammanana Sun 30-Nov-14 20:55:57

Cancel the bid and keep a copy of the e-mail cancelling your original bid,if needed send it to e-bay CS,do not accept a cancellation request from the seller if they ask to send you one.
I have had similar all day but slightly different where I have been trying to buy a xmas jumper and every bid even 4 secs before end have been beaten,the seller has 150+ items all the same in various sizes all bid for by a private buyer ??? I'll go to Tesco's in the morning and buy one,job done !

NancyJones Sun 30-Nov-14 20:56:27

Hi, thanks. I won't let me cancel because it ends soon.

Blossomy14 Sun 30-Nov-14 20:59:39

tell the seller to cancel the bid - they can do it for you if there is under 12 hours to go.

NancyJones Sun 30-Nov-14 21:51:23

Thanks for your advice. I've sent an email to the seller explaining what had happened. Ironically, if I hadn't been so close to the item this afternoon when I got the outbid email I wouldn't have bought one and would have then been quite pleased to see I was once again the highest bidder.

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