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Ebay cash on collection

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fizzyvimto Wed 26-Nov-14 10:47:42

I've sold a bulky/heavy item on ebay and someone is coming to collect it in a couple of hours. I'm not sure if it's the buyer or someone else -- she just said she'd arranged for it to be collected. I offered PayPal or cash on collection but she hasn't replied to my email (sent early evening yesterday) asking whether she will pay PayPal beforehand or cash on collection, or for the name/number of who's coming, or whether she wants it packaged in some way.

Does it sounds a bit fishy or am I overthinking this? My partner said he'd read something about people turning up and saying they'd already paid when they hadn't. I'm wondering how to handle it. Should I ask for the cash first before letting them in the flat? Or should we do it all on the ground floor before coming up to the flat? Is it fine to give it to them unpackaged (it's a dismantled piece of furniture) or is that bad form?

Thanks in advance.

mausmaus Wed 26-Nov-14 10:50:05

cash after visual inspection of item is fine ime.
what we do is print the 'winning bid' page twice and sign both (seller and buyer) to use as receipt.

HaveYouHeardOfGoogle Wed 26-Nov-14 10:50:35

If they haven't got back to you about packaging it then I'd leave it.

Re: payment. You should only accept cash on collection. If they pay by PayPal and then take the item they can then say they didn't pick up the item and can claim their money back, leaving you out of money and the item. It probably doesn't happen that often but better to protect yourself.

Blossomy14 Wed 26-Nov-14 15:10:02

cash only - no exceptions ever.

fizzyvimto Thu 27-Nov-14 16:34:02

Thanks all. Thats really useful info

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