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My first buyer - and there's a problem! he says item not received and he wants a refund but tracking says different

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ApplesinmyPocket Tue 18-Nov-14 06:28:57

I can't believe things have gone wrong with my FIRST ever attempt at selling. Honestly, it's been that kind of year... sad

Buyer bought my item for £56 B-I-N, I used Hermes to send the parcel (my first mistake? but I chose it because of the automatic tracking). Days pass. No feedback. Then a notification arrives - 'Buyer has initiated the returns process, item arrived damaged'

HOWEVER, in the body of the message, buyer says nothing about damage (perhaps he clicked the wrong button?) but that 'tracking says Delivered, Left In Porch and he lives in a flat and doesn't HAVE a porch, that he contacted Hermes and they say it's up to the sender to contact them.'

I've replied to the seller with apologies and contacted Hermes (no reply yet) but I think HAVE to refund him anyway don't I? I'm sure he's telling the truth, he DOES live in a flat and won't have a porch, and tracking does say 'left in porch'.

Should I just refund him now and try and get some compensation from Hermes to reimburse me? The parcel obviously isn't going to turn up at the biyer's and he is £56 out of pocket. And because he used "Reason for Refund 'Arrived Damaged'" rather than Not Arrived I'm struggling to see the right process on the eBay site itself.

I'm happy to refund him (well, not 'happy' obv but it feels like the right thing to do since he paid in good faith and probably now needs to purchase another item, most likely it was bought as a Christmas present for a partner) but what with him picking the wrong reason I'm floundering a bit as to the process.

If anyone has any advice to offer I'd be very grateful. I'm catching a train shortly and may not be able to check for replies till later but I'd really value any suggestions. Or just a pat on the back and a 'there there, poor old Apples' <weeps> I just feel horrible about the whole thing.

jalopyjane Tue 18-Nov-14 06:53:45

I think the first thing to do is contact Hermes - I can't see how they could refuse you a refund in these circumstances.

Not your fault at all - but yes you'll have to refund the buyer ultimately.

DustBunnyFarmer Tue 18-Nov-14 07:05:03

Have you tried Google streetview to see if his block of flats does actually have a porch?

ApplesinmyPocket Tue 18-Nov-14 07:13:12

Thanks JalopyJane, I have contacted Hermes yes but just a standard email back so far, saying they will 'get back to me in two days'.

DustBunnyFarmer I can see it IS a block of flats but the doorway looks just like a double door, it prob has an intercom system which deliveries are supposed to use to get entry? If it was really left on the doorstep as it were, no wonder it went missing.

Thanks for your replies. I'm tempted just to click 'refund buyer now' as I agree I will have to ultimately and it's not going to turn up, is it.

ApplesinmyPocket Tue 18-Nov-14 07:22:57

I've refunded him now (just wanted it over and done with) and will try and get compensation from Hermes. Lesson learned (don't use Hermes) but rather an expensive one.

Chrissy41 Tue 18-Nov-14 09:05:22

sorry but in a not as described case you don't refund until item has been returned

You should not have refunded at all until he had opened the right case and then you have tracking so ebay would not have told you to refund him a penny

CocktailQueen Tue 18-Nov-14 09:20:16

Sorry OP - agree with Chrissy41 - for future reference, if a buyer wants to open a not as described case, you must get the damaged item back first before you refund.

But in this case, what has happened? has the parcel not arrived? or is it damaged? Contact the buyer and find out.

If they don't reply, don't progress the case. It's up to them to reply.

If they open an automatic case, then you get the chance to add your side of the story - tracking, proof of delivery, etc. Hope you get to the bottom of it and Hermes refunds you.

fairisledog Tue 18-Nov-14 12:58:03

Lesson learned I think, but e-bay has got like this with scanners and chancers making sellers very suspicious and wary.

I always challenge anyone who says they haven't received an item and let them know if it was sent via myhermes or Royal Mail recorded (sometimes when it perhaps wasn't).

In most recent such instances, amazingly the parcel turned up with a neighbour or behind a bush/fence/wheely bin/in a dark corner of the porch etc.

I will not refund unless the raise a case because then e-bay can monitor how often the buyer does not receive items.

jalopyjane Tue 18-Nov-14 13:46:08

I still think Hermes should refund you though - if they left it in a porch / on a doorstep then they haven't actually delivered it safely have they?

busyboysmum Tue 18-Nov-14 13:54:52

I got back from Menorca after half term to find a card through the door saying a courier firm had left the parcel "under the caravan". And they thought that was correctly delivered! There was no sign of the parcel and as the caravan is on our front drive and we have no gate I'm guessing that someone saw it and nabbed it whilst we were away. The seller got a partial refund and as I thought we were more to blame than her as we were away for a week I accepted that. I couldn't believe that the courier company thought that was an acceptable place to leave a parcel though.

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