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What to do?

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Anotheronebitthedust Thu 13-Nov-14 19:00:22

I bought a dress which was listed as 'new without tags,' and specifically said in the listing 'never been worn,' but when I got it it absolutely stunk of detergent, so had obviously been washed (and worn) at least once. I have really sensitive skin that is aggravated by bio powder, so can't wear it as is, and am also a bit annoyed that the listing blatantly wasn't true. Mentioned to a friend that I was going to do it as 'not as described' but she said that 'everyone' uses 'new without tags,' when they mean 'only worn once or twice and in excellent condition.'

Is this true? I, naively, assumed 'new' meant, well, new, and have only sold stuff myself that I never got round to wearing, didn't fit properly, etc. If I've worn something I do it as 'used,' but specify excellent condition.

Problem is I can't wear it myself without hand washing it at least a few times, which will be a PITA, and I can't sell it on 'as new' without fibbing (as the original seller did!), so not sure what to do now?

UncleSue Thu 13-Nov-14 19:04:32

New should mean new, not washed, I would never list something like that. If I had only worn it once I would say used in excellent condition. I would ask for a refund if I were you.

nauticant Thu 13-Nov-14 22:00:38

Contact the seller to say you'd like to return the item because it wasn't as descibed, and because of the circumstances she should pay the return postage (which would best be a recorded method). Mention that you are happy to avoid a dispute but you will open one if the matter isn't resolved to your satisfaction. Try to contact the seller without opening a case.

If the seller's willing you'll want a full refund plus return postage before you send the item back by a recorded method.

If the seller's not willing you should open a case and to get your money back you wait until ebay rule in your favour and then at their prompting you return the item by a recorded delivery method such as Hermes.

You should tell your friend that there are cheap dictionaries available on ebay.

nickstmoritz Fri 14-Nov-14 10:07:22

Yes, new should be new and unworn or washed. Your item is not as described so I agree with nauticant. Contact seller and say
"thanks for sending item promptly, unfortunately I cannot wear the item as it has been previously washed and I have an allergy. I would like to return for a full refund plus return postage as the dress was described as new. I am happy to sort this out without opening a case but I will have to return the dress as I cannot wear it"

Any sellers who describe a washed item as new are not being honest and run the risk of returns, defects and negative fb and possibly being banned from selling eventually.

nauticant Fri 14-Nov-14 10:18:09

nickstmoritz has reminded me, if you get the chance leave negative feedback with a brief summary of the problem.

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