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chargeback help please ?

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molesbreath Fri 07-Nov-14 15:22:03

Just received an email that the buyer has requested a chargeback as they didn't authorise the transaction.

Funny that, they left lovely feedback.

Any helpful suggestions ?

cheerupandhaveaglassofwine Fri 07-Nov-14 15:29:43

Is it a genuine eBay email ?

Don't click on anything in it go direct to eBay and see if it appears in your messages

Surely you would have had a dispute raised before it got to chargeback stage and eBay would have notified you, in which case the good feedback left is pointed out to them

molesbreath Fri 07-Nov-14 15:38:30

Yes, it genuinely from Paypal.

There are no ebay messages, but when I log into paypal from the ebay site this transactions funds are now on hold.


cheerupandhaveaglassofwine Fri 07-Nov-14 18:25:13

Could be worth messaging PayPal asking why

If it was an eBay purchase and they have left feedback I don't see how they can then dispute authorising the transaction as it can't have paid for itself can it

Problem is PayPal are judge, jury and executioner and will probably side with a dishonest buyer

Did you keep trackable proof of postage

Can you ask eBay with respect there seller protection, you have sold in good faith, buyer has left good feedback and now are trying a fraudulent chargeback

Can't think of anything else to suggest sorry

molesbreath Fri 07-Nov-14 22:44:06

I sent a message to the buyer and they have responded and have no idea how this has come about. We are both worried about hacking now obviously.

The good thing is that I now have a message trail in ebay confirming she was happy so hopefully that will be enough to close the case in my favour.

I wonder sometimes about ebay, this has really put me off, not only could I loose the item I could have to pay an admin charge of £14 to paypal...

Chrissy41 Fri 07-Nov-14 23:47:31

have you got tracking which proves delivery? An email from her is not sufficient.

molesbreath Mon 10-Nov-14 09:29:31

All sorted now thankfully.

I did have tracking from royal mail, but its a lesson learnt as I usually throw the receipts out when I know the item has been received or more than 90 days have passed.

However chargebacks can be initiated up to a year after the transaction occurred - so i would have been stuffed if the buyer had not been so helpful.

Chrissy41 Mon 10-Nov-14 09:54:08

when you dispatch an item you can add the tracking info to the transaction so ebay/paypal will then always have a record of it.

If you send via Hermes you can link your account with eBay and when you buy the shipping label it automatically updates the ebay listing with the tracking info.

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