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Item needs repair but I still like it

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peaz Thu 06-Nov-14 10:11:42

I've been looking for this particular item for ages and finally found it on eBay. It was listed as 'in lovely condition', but upon receipt I noticed a small but important flaw in the item. I could fix it but I wouldn't do a great job and it would be noticeable. But it could be fixed.

Seller has apologised and said they had intended to fix it before sending it off but that it is simple enough to fix, which is true.

WWYD. I really like the item but may have to get a professional to fix it. It shouldn't cost a lot but the item didn't cost me a great deal either (under £10). And why should I have to pay to fix it? Had I known that I would have to alter it I wouldn't have bid on it. Once the item has been repaired I would be happy with it.

lynniep Thu 06-Nov-14 10:19:36

You need to open a case and return it. Ebay should pay your return postage fees. The seller will then have to refund you.
open a case and request the cost of repair refunded. The seller can refuse and request you return the entire item.
OR get it fixed yourself. And look for another one.

Chrissy41 Thu 06-Nov-14 13:20:27

is the seller willing to give a partial refund?

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