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RM parcel offer

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nickstmoritz Tue 04-Nov-14 22:15:00

Realised today that the offer is only on 2nd class parcels - no cheaper for 1st class. Offer is medium parcels under 2kg go for same price as small parcel. Thought I would just share as I didn't know this and expected to pay £4.30 signed for - no go. (and yes I know My Hermes is cheaper - might try them)

Gingefringe Tue 11-Nov-14 15:26:36

RM probably realise that their prices are so high that they're losing many customers to Hermes and Collect Plus. Sorry, but this paltry 'special offer' won't make me go back to using RM if afraid. i've been using Hermes for some time and their service is pretty good.
Plus I can drop off my parcels at the local newsagent on the way in to work and don't have to queue for half an hour whilst there's local businesses banking their cash or someone having a passport photo taken.

glammanana Wed 12-Nov-14 11:20:12

I have to admit to using the Post Office these past few weeks for posting as I have problem with my printer so Hermes labels cannot be printed,but I always like to use Myhermes as the tracking system is always up to date,any up-date from the PO always states that the item is in the system even after the buyer has confirmed delivery with me ? So gold star to hermes on tracking.

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