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Buyer says shoes are too tight and squashed. My first ebay drama!

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EskiDecaff Sun 02-Nov-14 21:07:54

Hi there

I sold some boots on eBay and they were sent two weeks ago, sold for £6 plus £2.80 postage.

The buyer has messaged today to say they are too tight, and squashed.

Now they weren't sent in a box but were packed safely.

I have normal ish feet and they fitted me, what do I do?

I have so far messaged back and said sorry you have a problem can you take a photo of where they are squashed. Although I realise she's probably going to squash them regardless now!

I guess I'll have to refund, what happens? Does the buyer pay postage and I refund the £6?

I was just getting into the swing of things on eBay and everything!confused

nickstmoritz Mon 03-Nov-14 10:33:48

Ask buyer to return for a refund, buyer pays return p&p unless item faulty. If item is damaged or faulty it is generally considered right for seller to also refund return of item. There is probably no point in asking for photos if they don't want them you kind of have to take them back as they can open a returns process now anyway.

perfectstorm Tue 04-Nov-14 03:48:38

You also have to pay the initial postage, I'm afraid. She has to pay the return postage to you, and don't refund a penny until you have them back.

If they weren't in a box they may well have got squashed. Imagine how many heavy packets and boxes might have been piled on top of them in the lorry. I'd not send shoes or boots unless in a box, tbh, no matter how carefully packed they were.

alemci Wed 05-Nov-14 17:43:05

are you sure she isn't just saying that because they don't fit or she doesn't like them ?

EskiDecaff Wed 05-Nov-14 19:12:27

I'm not sure. I haven't heard back since so hopefully that's that. They were brand new an sent wrapped in a ton of bubble wrap so I'm surprised but we will see I guess! Thank you all

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