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You were all so helpful before...!

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Sleepingbunnies Wed 29-Oct-14 11:11:45

Hello, earlier in the year I took all your advice and changed photos etc but if I could trouble you all to take another look and tell me if you think I am doing any better let me know! I still don't seem to be selling anything sad I am hoping if you look up clovercarpets you will see our profile!

PrettyPictures92 Wed 29-Oct-14 11:15:50

No profile shows, just a "0 results for your search" message. What is it that you're selling?

Sleepingbunnies Wed 29-Oct-14 11:23:39

I don't know if that will work?

Missunreasonable Wed 29-Oct-14 11:30:27

I suppose the main problem is that the rugs are collection only so only people who live close by can be interested in buying. Have you checked courier prices to see whether it will be worth offering them with a delivery charge?

Sleepingbunnies Wed 29-Oct-14 11:32:54

That was something that was mentioned last time, so I think He will have to strongly consider thank you! smile

PrettyPictures92 Wed 29-Oct-14 11:42:59

The pics are fine, they show the carpets in detail and there's nothing wrong with your description that I can see. You only offer collection in store, that's absolutely fine for a business but might put some people off buying. A couple years ago I wanted to buy a runner for my hall and refused to buy from anywhere that would only offer collection, I lived in a (different back then) small town and no transport.

I'm not so sure about carpet prices these days but are yours higher than average or fairly competitive? You can get good quality rugs and runners for really cheap these days, there's a store close to me that sells a fairly sturdy and quite nice 7ft runner for £25.

Another quick point, the wording on your page seems to run together a bit too much. You could try saying, "Clover Carpets! (Or whatever the store name is) (The address)
CARPETS/RUGS/BEDROOM FURNITURE Free measuring and fitting
Whatever you are looking for feel free to come in and see us, send us a message or contact us via Facebook. Happy Shopping!"

The "happy shopping!" Bit seems a bit cheesy but I don't think it would put anyone off etc. The wording looks just a bit more professional that way and might make a better impression on folk.

Hope things pick up a bit soon smile

Sleepingbunnies Wed 29-Oct-14 11:44:20

Thank you pretty!

PrettyPictures92 Wed 29-Oct-14 11:46:54

No problem smile

Chrissy41 Wed 29-Oct-14 13:34:30

I think they are very expensive compared to other listings plus you don't deliver. I have bought similar for less than half the price. Rolled up they won't be that heavy/large to courier will they? So yep - you must offer a delivery option.

19lottie82 Wed 29-Oct-14 15:38:54

I agree, you simply MUST offer a delivery option, you're eliminating a good 98% of your market customers, if you don't.

It prob won' be as expensive as you think, but then again, if this cost is transferred on to the total item BIN price, will it be worth if for the customer.

Some items just don't sell well on ebay for these reasons (amongst others), and carpets / rugs / runners, could be one of these, unless you can afford to sell them at a price that is attractive to buyers, and still turn a profit.

Sleepingbunnies Wed 29-Oct-14 16:55:29

Off to investigate courier prices! smile

glammanana Thu 30-Oct-14 13:44:31

I remember last time you where having slow response to your ads,I do think delivery must be part of your service,do your furniture items come flat-packed or made up already ? Remember that even though the quality of your units is good many units & coffee tables are on offer with a large seller on e-bay with 25% off and free delivery over a certain amount so you need to facture in those costs if you can.Also a comment from my friend was that runners are deemed as unsafe in most house's as they are the cause of accidents by tripping.

OiGiveItBack Fri 31-Oct-14 18:10:54

I think the carpets are expensive and the designs are old fashioned. Sorry. The picture and wording is ok.
Can you get some more positive feedback somehow?
Also, perhaps you could mention if it's a shop and if there is easy parking. That's what I look for. smile

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