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Buyer not paid and wants a PayPal invoice or my PayPal login....

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Papyrus02 Tue 26-Aug-14 20:02:26

After 48 hours no payment. Wanted a PayPal invoice but that involves setting a business account on PayPal ( as far as I can tell). I sent an ebay invoice but no response. Buyer Also asked for my PayPal login or email address which seems decidedly dodgy...

Buyer also asked a couple of questions about item (a laptop, a good one) after bidding ended which seems strange too.

Buyer wants to pay via PayPal but I thought that was all made easy by Ebay and no one else has had a problem doing it. Am I missing something?

An email address to send a payment to via paypal is fine when sending money to a friend but I'm not sure why they'd need it if they're doing it through ebay, are they trying to avoid doing it through ebay and to do it outside of it? Ask them to log into ebay and pay for the item via paypal on there, no need for your e-mail at all.

butterflybuttons Tue 26-Aug-14 20:47:07

no you are not missing anything - them wanting your login is a huge red flag. Just get your unpaid item case opened, and hope they don't pay then you can close in 4 days. And add to your blocked bidder list. They sound out to scam you.

Papyrus02 Tue 26-Aug-14 20:56:15

Thanks. I was thinking it was a scam of some sort. Buyer has no feedback either.

butterflybuttons Tue 26-Aug-14 20:59:33

you need to be careful - are they in the UK, how are you going to send it, serial numbers, security marks, etc.. You may find a cash on collection sale via Gumtree or Facebook local groups is a better option.

Papyrus02 Tue 26-Aug-14 21:16:43

Thanks Butterfly. There was another bidder who seems above board so will make a second chance offer to them; do you know when I can do that, now or after case is closed?

Just looked at the buyers profile and two people have left feedback today saying this is a scammer who doesn't pay....

butterflybuttons Tue 26-Aug-14 21:39:11

after the case is closed - so you will need to wait another 4 days.

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