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Ebay/Gumtree. What's going on?

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catwithflowers Sat 23-Aug-14 08:47:01


Wonder if anyone can help here? I recently saw a couple of nice pieces of furniture on Gumtree and my boyfriend got in touch with the seller, found out they were still available so he tried to arrange a appointment to view. The vendor said the next day would be great and asked us to let her know a time. After three mails to arrange viewing with no reply we gave up thinking she had sold them elsewhere and not bothered to reply.

A few days later, the same items turned up on ebay. I bid on them and won them at a lower price (the seller didn't know we had already enquired and I said nothing)

Yesterday I saw another lovely piece of furniture on gumtree and contacted her straight away to buy but still no reply. Is it possible that she is testing the market on gumtree and if items prove popular, she puts them on ebay to try to get a higher price? Is this common practice? Very frustrating and a waste of my time!! A shame, as she does seem to find some very interesting pieces hmm

LovingSummer Sat 23-Aug-14 08:58:03

You can post an eBay question to the seller and ask directly?

catwithflowers Sat 23-Aug-14 10:47:42

All sorted now! A misunderstanding and replies going to Spam/junk. Thanks Loving smile

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