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Myhermes damage

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Jeggie Tue 19-Aug-14 20:56:48

Hi hope someone can advise. I sold a box set of kids books. Sent by myhermes, well wrapped in triple bubble wrap! But they bashed it up. Damage to box corners and edges.

Still ok ish in my opinion, only box of box set is damaged, worth a tenner maybe not the £33 I sold for. Plus £7 p&p.

Buyer initially requested sending item back. I've lodged complaint with myhermes and had some comms asking for more detail "so they know what claim form to send". I responded with photos of damage etc. But been 48 hours with no response.

I'm hoping they refund me so I can refund buyer. Is that going to take forever? Is it even likely they will pay out?

Buyer getting antsy and asking for full refund (including postage I think) without waiting for myhermes. Hasn't lodged eBay case yet.

What should I do? Where do I stand? Item has been with her nearly a week already.

butterflybuttons Tue 19-Aug-14 21:13:52

I filled in a Hermes claim online and uploaded photos and they refunded in full pretty quickly.

The buyer will normally be asked to return them if she opens a case with ebay before they refund.

Jeggie Tue 19-Aug-14 21:38:18

Thanks that's helpful, so you mean if they open a case eBay will say they have to return it first??

Jeggie Tue 19-Aug-14 21:40:56

Re-read and yes, of course that's what u mean! Have to say I'm a bit surprised myhermes so slow coming back - been 2-3 days between each response and they haven't really even confirmed I've filled our everything I need to yet. thanks

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