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When shall I start ebaying my Autumn/ Winter clothes?

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Laska42 Mon 18-Aug-14 21:17:27

When shall I start ebaying my autumn/ winter things do you think? .. (my last two summer maxi dresses that finished this weekend didnt sell.. so probably too late for any more like that this year ..)

I have decided that i have just far too many things I dont wear and so am downsizing my wardrobe .. I have ebayed a lot of stuff before, but am not sure of when the buyers start looking for new seasons clothes..

I have already identified a couple of Boden skirts that can go, a Warehouse wool kilt, a couple of Boden tunics a Monsoon woollen dress and a Laura Ashley navy mac (though I'm thinking that may be more spring-like)

I also have a lovely pair of Dune black leather riding boots virtually unworn

Also a Celt and Co shearling gilet and a Celt and Co Merino wool waistcoat/wrap.. and also Berghaus coat and fleece, far too big now

When do you think I should ebay them? Wait say until October ?

What about LBDs etc for Christmas parties .. November ?

I also have a gorgeous pair of purple leather gloves unworn from Libertys with lables and box (a present and too small ) They'd make a fab christmas present (as they were ) .. November again do you think?

alemci Mon 18-Aug-14 22:30:49

do it gradually, the in between stuff first, sounds lovely stuff.

I may sell some autumn stuff in September

I eek my summer wardrobe out til October then get winter stuff and think about what I need (nothing probably but what I want takes over)

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