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so much for their poxy money back guarantee!

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wfrances Mon 18-Aug-14 10:25:33

advise needed please
bought some boots -no show
tried to contact seller -nothing
opened case - they had until 14 th -nothing
so case escalated - i spoke to ebay by phone
and was told they find in my favour, refund will take 24/48 hrs (as says guarantee)if seller has no funds ebay will pay and chase seller.

checked today- nothing .rang them (40 minutes later)to be told seller has no funds - so we need to see if they pay up ,if not phone us back.
are they serious????
im waiting for a manager to phone me back.
anyone been in this situation??

butterflybuttons Mon 18-Aug-14 15:42:52

that isn't right - a case puts the seller in debt if there are no funds. Has the case been closed or have you escalated it and are still waiting?

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