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Selling clothes?

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4littleones Thu 07-Aug-14 10:57:42

I sat down to list some girls clothes for sale yesterday (3-6 years roughly) But looking at items currently selling and there seemed to be loads at 99p ending soon with no bids. Do clothes not sell well? I guess the postage spoils it as it costs more to post than anything else.

Not sure what to do now - usually sell on local facebook but these are what haven't sold after a couple of weeks and I just want them out my way. But I don't want the hassle of it all if I am not going to make money on it.

Or is it because it's the summer holidays maybe? Am I better off waiting till September?

MrsWinnibago Thu 07-Aug-14 11:38:26

If they haven't sold on Facebook then you should think about why not. Are they good brands? Ironed and in good condition?

If they're not the best brands I just won't buy second hand on Ebay as the postage cancels out the saving. I will buy a bundle of things if they're in excellent condition and all useful.

What sort of clothes are they? brand and style?

numlet Thu 07-Aug-14 11:42:53

I'm not sure I've noticed a difference because it's the summer holidays, personally. Are they summer clothes?

In my own experience good brands still sell well. Especially those on trend brands which sell out very quickly in the shops. But high street like Boden doesn't sell as well as it used to, or command such high prices. At least I've found

Some people recommend selling in bundles, but I have no experience of that so not sure if it works

4littleones Thu 07-Aug-14 12:10:17

Mainly Next and other similar shops. In good condition and some only worn once. But I am wondering if clothes are just not selling at the moment as like I say nothing really going well on ebay either [said]

MrsWinnibago Thu 07-Aug-14 12:54:21

Are they Summer clothes?

4littleones Thu 07-Aug-14 13:06:51

Some summer, some winter. sad

MrsWinnibago Thu 07-Aug-14 13:37:28

Well that's probably the problem. People want Summer things still....split them into bundles and save the winter things till Autumn.

butterflybuttons Thu 07-Aug-14 13:59:44

tbh the only things worth selling are good brands like Boden - and you still won't get lots for them. FB groups or Gumtree will prob be better than eBay. Cash on collection too so no fees.

MrsWinnibago Thu 07-Aug-14 14:10:24

I agree to a point Butterfly though people will buy bundles of other high street brands such as Next and M&S...I would not bother buying one item from Next second hand online though.

butterflybuttons Thu 07-Aug-14 14:42:06

I think there are so many sellers on eBay unless you have good brands in unworn condition you won't get buyers. And of course postage is prohibitive. With FB and Gumtree yes you prob will find a buyer but you won't earn much sadly.

4littleones Thu 07-Aug-14 16:21:20

I listed them all individually on Facebook and I have summer stuff that has hasnt sold.

I did sell loads though, there is just one large bag left that hasn't sold. possibly just need to bump more often or use different Facebook groups to get a different audience. and maybe use netmums too.

or I could just do in bundles on ebay and hope for the best? at least they would be gone? oh I dont know! was really hoping to earn some more money for the holiday. sad been listing other stuff, but tend to loolk at what others are selling before listing on ebay to see if its worth the effort. smile

4littleones Thu 14-Aug-14 21:16:22

Looking at the completed listings here I don't think it's just me having trouble. Sorting them all out and going to take the risk and list on ebay but it doesn't look good sad

HalleLouja Tue 19-Aug-14 12:04:24

I only sell clothes on ebay if its Boden, JJMB, Zara or similar. Otherwise bundles are the way forwards.

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