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How good are myHermes?

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Lepaskilf Mon 30-Jun-14 20:42:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notnowImreading Mon 30-Jun-14 20:47:40

Good ethically. They deliver things for free to women's shelters to support charities. Don't know how efficient they are, but they should get some credit for being a bit noble.

Butterflyspring Mon 30-Jun-14 21:00:26

I think they are great - no need to pay for signature at all, you get online proof of delivery automatically - only worth paying extra if your item is worth more insurance wise. You can import your sold items from ebay too.

Lepaskilf Mon 30-Jun-14 21:14:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nauticant Mon 30-Jun-14 22:56:11

I use them too but I do get a signature for more valuable items because, as is clear from their delivery notifications, maybe about 10% of the items I'm sending are getting left outside the delivery addresses.

SloanePeterson Wed 02-Jul-14 09:35:45

I would never use them. It could just be that the local ones are crap, but when I've had stuff delivered to me, apparently tracked, it's never required a signature, and often the driver sends their child, about 11-12, out of the car with my parcel. They threw a package clearly marked fragile over our fence, and left a very expensive blu ray player outsode our neighbours house which thankfully I saw before a thief did,mad they don't live there during the week. That was from Amazon too, which has made me wary of ordering from them. I sell a lot on eBay and always use Royal Mail. I charge postage at cost and have never had a problem. Seeing people listing stuff with delivery through Hermes puts me off bidding tbh. But that's just my experience. They're as bad as Yodel around here.

stealthsquiggle Wed 02-Jul-14 09:40:38

They can be really good or truly appalling, depending on the courier. Unless you can check with the recipient what their local courier is like, then it is a high risk option IMHO. They are also spectacularly unresponsive to complaints and very hard to contact. I find that economy services (especially the ones where you drop the parcel off at a local shop) from DHL and the like are often not much more expensive than MyHermes, and a lot more reliable.

Butterflyspring Wed 02-Jul-14 09:50:33

I have contacted Hermes with no problems at all - and the only occasion an item was broken I claimed with them for the loss, uploaded photos, and they paid out very quickly.

I find RM useless - never bothering to get signatures and chucking stuff around.

Magic7 Wed 02-Jul-14 10:40:30

Hermes are fab in my experience. Sent 70 things without a hitch. Simple to phone and very very helpful. They refunded when a buyer pulled out. I couldn't sell as I am without them. I leave the parcels on my doorstep and a lovely guy collects them at 4pm whilst I am on school run. Oh, and you just print out the labels and stick them on. It is great!!!

Lepaskilf Wed 02-Jul-14 17:56:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Butterflyspring Wed 02-Jul-14 17:58:30

you did insure it for the full £250 didn't you?

queenofthepirates Wed 02-Jul-14 23:22:11

They are awful, I wouldn't use them again-they've thrown parcels over my fence and also not collected several deliveries from me. No apology, no compensation.

RosiePosiePing Thu 03-Jul-14 20:06:46

IMO they are the worst delivery company around. We had to call the police after one of their drivers threatened us. The police took it very seriously.

I would say that we had a bad one off, but if you Google them there is loads of negative feedback.

I never buy from people who use them-ebay or retail shops.

Butterflyspring Thu 03-Jul-14 20:26:07

but in fairness if you google any courier company you will find rubbish reviews.

JudithG2013 Tue 14-Feb-17 18:13:39

I paid for the collection and delivery of two parcels for Monday 13th February. I was given a timeslot of 6am - 8pm. I waited indoors all day and didn't hear from anyone by text message, phone or in person. I tried to find out more via the web chat (as there is no other way to contact anyone at Hermes) but they knew as much as I did, and said they couldn't determine when the courier would be there as they were independent. Only the "investigations team" can contact the couriers directly.

After another frustrating web chat, I learnt that the courier would arrive a day later. Otherwise I would not have been informed of this fact. I can't afford to stay at home all week waiting for someone to pick up a parcel that I have already paid for. At 5.30pm, after I began to lose faith that the parcels would be picked up, I again went to the web chat, and was informed that the courier is feeling ill so won't be collecting the parcels today either. The system is extremely poorly designed, with no communication to the customer, and clearly very little communication between central hub and courier.

I now have to wait 24 - 48 hours for the customer services team to get in contact with a new collection date, a process which apparently cannot be sped up, as it is "standard procedure". This means that a parcel I paid for last week may not be collected until a week after the date that was arranged. This is completely unacceptable, and I will end up losing over £300 as a result.

I have no way of transporting the parcels to a collection point as they are 10kg each and I am 8 months' pregnant!, otherwise I would have done this already. In any case, the nearest collection point was closed yesterday by the time I realised the parcels would not be collected.

Extremely disappointed in this service and would NOT recommend to anyone who needs to actually rely on parcel delivery.

Fairyliz Fri 17-Feb-17 21:35:25

Have used them four times and always been on time and everything went smoothly. Cheaper than RM as well

JudithG2013 Sun 19-Feb-17 12:20:05

UPDATE: No courier arrived to pick up the parcels all week.

Someone arrived on Saturday to collect the parcels, claiming to be the Hermes courier. I was so happy I didn't collect a parcel receipt from him, and he hasn't registered the collection on the system, so I now think he's stolen the items from me. I contacted MyHermes again, and was again told it would be "escalated" to the customer services team, and that I would receive a response 24 - 48 hours. Bear in mind this will be over 7 days from the first complaint made. I also learnt today (too late) that the labels I have are only valid for 7 days, so I should have re-registered and re-printed the labels on Friday.

I have never been offered any sort of financial compensation or even a phone call to resolve the issue this whole week. The customer service offered by this company is absolutely appalling - I am shocked that major retailers still use MyHermes. I am really distressed at this point, and all that is offered me is a web chat apology followed by a promise to escalate to customer services who will respond (by email) with 48 hours. Really appalling.

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