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What is the time limit for opening a case against a seller?

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zen1 Sat 29-Mar-14 13:23:43

I've been buying and selling on ebay for 10 years but I thought I'd read something recently about the time limits for opening a case changing. I bought something over a week ago, and it hasn't turned up. I now have reason to believe the seller is dodgy so, while I'm prepared to wait a few more days to see whether the item materialises, I don't want to miss my chance of opening a case. Would be grateful if someone would clarify.

LavenderGreen14 Sat 29-Mar-14 13:47:25

30 days now from the est date of arrival, used to be 45. You should be able to open it now. What makes you believe they are dodgy?

zen1 Sat 29-Mar-14 17:43:10

Thanks for replying. Well, the seller had zero feedback, however he'd registered 6 months ago so I gave him the 'everyone has to start somewhere' benefit of the doubt. Also, although the item I bought from him was a stock photo (a tablet), he was also listing another item that was clearly not a stock photo. So I did a 'buy it now' and paid immediately.

Within the hour, he'd emailed me to say that paypal wouldn't release the funds to him for 2 weeks and as he was a new seller, did I know why this might be and what he could do about it as he needed the money asap for his son's birthday (hmm). I suggested that he may need his paypal limits lifted and advised that he ring the paypal helpline. He kept asking if there was anything I could do my end, and I told him there wasn't and only paypal could release the funds. Then he gave me more of the sob story about needing the money immediately, so I suggested he refund me and advertise locally if he needed the cash.

He then emailed me again and said he'd contacted paypal who apparently told him he would only have to wait a week, which he was prepared to do and then said he would send me the item within the next 2 days. He emailed me on Monday (4 days after I bought it) to say the item had been posted that day and it was nice 'doing business with me'. Anyway, I haven't received it. I've since clicked on his name again and seen that he now has -1 feedback from the other item he 'sold' and comments from the buyer of that item stating 'seller is full of excuses. Do not trust'. Phew, didn't mean that to turn into an essay! Reading back, maybe I should just open the case now. The only reason I haven't was because of all these messages he sent me through ebay, appearing to really not know what he was doing.

LavenderGreen14 Sat 29-Mar-14 17:49:23

yep - open the case now. And I would neg now too to warn others.

And a new seller does have a hold on the funds in paypal, but once you leave feedback then those should be released. I guess he was hoping to refund the paypal and you would pay bank transfer which would not have given you any protection at all.

zen1 Sat 29-Mar-14 18:15:05

Yes, that's what I think he was angling for too but I only pay by paypal or cash on collection so he had no chance. Thanks for the advice.

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