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"Send invoice" after Buy It Now

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nauticant Mon 17-Mar-14 15:47:17

I had something listed as a Buy It Now with Paypal being listed as being the only payment method. Free shipping. The item has just sold, but rather than me receiving a Paypal payment, I am supposed to "Send Invoice".

How is it that the buyer has been able to buy this item without sending me any money? ebay doesn't indicate there's been a payment and there's nothing in my Paypal account.

The reason I'm bothered by this is that it's an expensive item, £200, and the buyer has one single item of feedback, positive.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

nauticant Mon 17-Mar-14 15:51:55

Ahh, decided to play around and found out the guy's on the other side of the world even though I've listed this as being a UK only sale. The chances of this being a scam, or the item honestly never getting delivered, are so high I think I need to get this sale cancelled.

LavenderGreen14 Mon 17-Mar-14 17:42:35

because you didn't set it up to request instant payment? You need to send a cancellation request and you need to tighten your settings so only people within the UK can bid. And when you do post it you need to send courier or special delivery with the correct insurance.

Was it a mobile? If so, high risk scam item.

nauticant Mon 17-Mar-14 18:40:32

Thanks. I've changed my settings to block bids from various regions. I hadn't realised that when setting up the listing that selecting shipping to the UK only would still allow "outside" bids.

Rather than risking the buyer not accepting a cancellation request, I'm minded to put in an unpaid case.

It isn't a mobile. It's a much larger item that would have cost £150+ to send.

I do use tracked and insured if the item value justifies it.

LavenderGreen14 Mon 17-Mar-14 19:15:49

in that case send an invoice with the p&p added and open unpaid case after 48 hours - that is what I would do anyway, and keep everything crossed they don't pay.

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