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Best Practice for Collection Item?

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bigwellylittlewelly Thu 06-Mar-14 12:39:18

I'm new ish to eBay as been bitten a few times by selling pages recently.

I won a big piece of furniture last night on ebay, its about 90min drive and I will have to borrow a small van. Thats fine. I was happy with that in advance.

But whats the etiquette? This weekend is suddenly unexpectedly complicated so collecting next weekend would be better for me, can I tell them that? Should I pay them via PP rather than cash?

Please advise - I have no wish to p*ss them off!

YouAreTalkingRubbish Thu 06-Mar-14 12:50:28

They should ask you to pay in cash.

You should really have asked about collection before bidding but there is no reason that you can't ask them now. They might not mind. Did they mention anything about collection times on their advert?

You should contact them ASAP so they know you are keen.

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