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Clothes conditions

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Nanny0gg Mon 03-Mar-14 18:31:04

I have just started a long-overdue wardrobe clear-out and have begun listing on eBay.

So, my question is, how perfect do clothes have to be? Obviously I want to be honest about the condition and I have no intention of selling complete tat. I have some cardis that I think will be popular having watched others sell, but they do have a little light pilling on the sleeves, so clearly worn.

Are they ok to list and is there a better way of describing them other than 'worn' whilst still being honest?

nickstmoritz Mon 03-Mar-14 21:26:23

It is always best to be honest about condition. It saves any problems with feedback or returns etc. If your knitwear is a good brand or has cashmere in it should sell quite well and if you have time you could do a bit of de bobbling before you list, pick them off or use a de bobbler which you can buy. Not amazing but does work ok.

I would describe clothing as "excellent" if it was like new or something like "very good clean condition with light pilling" if there were a few bobbles but basically good. I tend to be fairly strict when listing woollens and wouldn't sell anything worse than light pilling but some people will sell with descriptions such as "no holes or stains with plenty of wear left" which to me means slightly more signs of wear but fine.

Just describe accurately and let people decide and take good photos from different angles. Sometimes people like a photo of the label if it is a designer item. You may wish to start items at your minimum price if there is free listing and free P&P is helpful as you get automatic 5* for postage on your DSRs start your item to include £3 1st class post/£2.60 2nd
Good luck with your clear out!

Nanny0gg Tue 18-Mar-14 13:45:56

Thanks for the advice!

Managed to sell some of my 'better' items.

Now got to carry on working through the rest... grin

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