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I am done

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IcouldstillbeJoseph Wed 12-Feb-14 15:23:58

That's it. No more E bay.
It has been 7 years and I'm fed up now of total and utter piss-takers.
I'm just a 'normal' mum with a few bits here and there to sell. But I'm so fucked hacked off with buyers with only 1 or 2 previous transactions, buying things, taking ages to pay and then, surprise surprise, they haven't received it. It's bull shit. How strange that out of 12 parcels posted on the same day it's always the 'dodgy' buyer that never receives them.
I go out of my way, post v promptly, never exaggerate the quality on listings etc and yet these unscrupulous sorts seem to be on the increase.
That's it. Thank you.

Tryharder Wed 12-Feb-14 17:56:12

I agree. I sell a lot and have developed a bit of a dodgy buyer radar. I always send recorded if I think there might be a problem even if I haven't charged for recorded particularly if the item has sold for more than £10

LilyBlossom14 Wed 12-Feb-14 18:11:31

you need to send tracked - either signed for or courier like MyHermes, and if they don't pay within 48 hours open a non payer dispute.

nauticant Wed 12-Feb-14 21:57:45

And also to mention about signed-for in your listings. My feeling is that the piss-takers are more likely to go for auctions they know they can easily claim non-receipt.

sebsmummy1 Wed 12-Feb-14 22:01:10

Agreed. In future go to or Work out the postage using their quotation service. Arrange to either have stuff picked up or use drop off points. It's cheap, it is a tracked service. Jobs a goodun.

Bluemonkeyspots Wed 12-Feb-14 22:09:03

Same here. Final straw was a iPod I sold that had gone lost in the post, tracking number showed invalid so while I was trying to sort it out I done what I thought was the decent thing and refunded my buyer saying once I had the iPod back I would put it up with a buy it now price for him.

This means I have all the hassle to trying to work out what's gone wrong as well as giving him the £50 back for a item I no longer have, what does he do? Leaves me my first negatived feedback saying he never received the item so anyone looking at my feedback will think I rip people of to the tune of £50 angry

LilyBlossom14 Wed 12-Feb-14 22:36:31

did it get returned to you? You can respond to the neg feedback.

PublicEnemyNumeroUno Wed 12-Feb-14 22:46:04

Urgh in not selling on ebay anymore either, sold a handbag and the woman claimed she never received it, knew she was going to be a pain in the arse because she kept messaging me constantly from the minute she won it. Funnily enough i read her feedback and i wasn't the first person thinking she was a pain in the arse.

Anyway, i checked out what she was selling - lots of handbags, god fucking help her if the bag i sold pops up on her selling list

I had 100% positive feedback for the last 5 years, now i have summat like 98.4%. I'm pissed off!

IcouldstillbeJoseph Thu 13-Feb-14 06:29:01

Yep - I can relate to that. It's just no longer worth the faff for the small amount of money it generates.
Thank you for the advice about tracking - should I ever lose my mind sell again, I will bear it in mind

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