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Can someone explain the fees system for eBay businesses

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Tryharder Mon 27-Jan-14 11:29:41

I am contemplating setting up an eBay business. What are the fees? Are you charged the same way as private sellers? Grateful for any pertinent information

Thank you!

nickstmoritz Mon 27-Jan-14 14:50:23

No not the same as private and the fees depend on what type of ebay shop you want. If you click the fees link under "sell" at the top of your ebay home page it will give you some fee facts. The main difference will be a monthly subscription fee I think.

lljkk Tue 28-Jan-14 09:19:16

there's a monthly subscription fee which includes X many free listings and then you can get reduced FVFs in some categories. Overall the fees are higher than for private sellers, but you get some more access to support if you phone up with a problem.

cerealqueen Sun 09-Feb-14 11:19:39

I would imagine also the fees are a business expense and can be written off against tax?

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