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Are less p&p fair?

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RoseRedder Tue 21-Jan-14 15:09:04

Relatively new to ebay so this may indeed be the norm

P&P charged £4.95 v's actual cost £3.70

P&P charged £3.70 v's actual cost £2.60

Do sellers add a poundish on as standard for wrapping and taking to post office?

Gingefringe Fri 24-Jan-14 16:42:08

I was watching a dress last week where the postage was quoted as £7.99 for standard second class! I contacted the seller to query as I had a similar dress in different colour and suspect it would have cost £2.60 to post - I thought she may have made a mistake but her reply was '"if you don't agree with my charges that's fine". Needless to say I didn't even bid on the item - what a greedy seller.
I think max £1 mark up is ok but i normally add about 50p to cover charges and packaging.

nauticant Fri 24-Jan-14 17:39:58

It doesn't matter. Honestly. Imagine that dress being available from one seller for £10 plus £7.99 p&p and an identical one being available from another seller for £20 plus £2.60 p&p. Which would you buy from?

These days I often sell stuff with free p&p*. How should that work? Imagine if I contacted the buyer once the transaction has been completed and said "now you also have to pay me £15** for the p&p because that's what it actually cost me". In that case the buyer would laugh and tell me they'll stick with what was agreed at the time of sale.

* Buyers will often pay noticeably more than what the normal cost should be and what the p&p would be.

** A real world example.

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