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What should I do now ? Aggressive seller

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MissMilbanke Tue 14-Jan-14 17:04:19

Oh Lordy Lordy ...

Placed a last minute bid on some china plates and won, went to pay and a £7.50 courier charge was added despite the listing saying courier Royal Mail £2.60.

A bit bemused I contacted the seller and got a whole torrent of abuse. I was happy paying £2.60 but not £7 when I wasn't expecting it

3 messages from them and a cancellation request later I have been told in no uncertain terms I am an idiot (x3) a time waster (x 2) and been put on their bbl. I have not made any further contact since my initial query immediately after winning. I like to think my silence is winding them up !

Now I don't really want to go ahead with this anymore and I'm happy to accept the cancellation now but frankly I don't expect to be spoken to like this. Is there a way of reporting this person for their rudeness ( and probably trying to avoid ebay p&p fees )

isitsnowingyet Tue 14-Jan-14 17:07:13

Yes - it's called negative feedback. Leave a negative with clear factual reasons why and move on.

Take screenshots of the listing and the messages, and complain vociferously to ebay. They have no right to change the postage/delivery costs without consultation and giving you the option to cancel, and they have even less right to be abusive. Hopefully ebay will sanction them.

Oh - and leave negative feedback too.

Rooners Tue 14-Jan-14 17:10:40

Ok. First off you have done right by ignoring the communication.

You can report them to ebay. Ebay may or may not investigate properly. It is run in the Filipines and they are very much out of touch with the customer base.

But it isn't your responsibility to take on these people.

You can leave negative feedback. But they now have your address so unless they are far away I wouldn't bother.

If it's an unpaid item dispute, then don't ignore it - you have to respond or risk a strike on your account.

If just a cancellation thing then you can ignore it and they will just lose their FVF. Up to you.

You can also report them as a non performing seller but not sure how this works.

Probably through the 'report a problem' link on your transaction page.

I think if you agree to a mutual cancellation, you may be in a worse position should you wish to report them.

AtticusMcPlatypus Tue 14-Jan-14 17:13:07

Report them for seller non-performance. Sellers are NOT allowed to change auction terms after it has finished. If you really still want the items you could pay directly through PayPal by selecting eBay items from the send money part. You are still protected if you do this as well. Good luck. I'm rapidly going off eBay - am having rather too many bad experiences lately!

Onesleeptillwembley Tue 14-Jan-14 17:14:50

Don't agree to cancel. You're doing them a favour. Report to eBay. Give negative feedback.

Rooners Tue 14-Jan-14 17:17:47

Oh and you may be able to block their messages too. I'm not sure how. you need to call ebay and speak to someone.

LilyBlossom14 Tue 14-Jan-14 17:24:10

negative feedback, low stars and refuse the cancellation request. And report each message they sent you.

You can't block their messages sadly. Good for you for calling them on their scam - they are not allowed to shift the goalposts and try and charge extra after auction ended.

LilyBlossom14 Tue 14-Jan-14 17:25:09

and if you ignore their cancellation request it will close and they will get their fees back so you need to actually refuse it

and please do not be scared of leaving a neg because they have your address - they are not going to start coming round to your house.

MissMilbanke Tue 14-Jan-14 17:25:37

I'm not sure if its mutual agreement or not

'Please agree in order to can do your recent purchase' on a yellow tab generated by eBay

Followed by reason : seller did not provide specific reason

Followed by if you don't reply by 21st seller will be able to close the case

The original listing has now been removed presumably because of case opened so I can't take a screen shot unfortunately and I'm starting to forget what it said already !

I'm on my phone so it's a bit hard to navigate but will come back later. Thanks for all the advice so far it really helps

MissMilbanke Tue 14-Jan-14 17:27:57

How do I report each message ? Will it be obvious when I'm on a proper PC ?

LilyBlossom14 Tue 14-Jan-14 17:39:30

yep - he has sent you a mutual cancellation request - you can refuse it rather than accept it and he wont get his final value fees returned then.

You can report each message by scrolling down each one and there is a report button.

If you can still leave feedback then the listing won't have ended. It won't be cancelled because a case has been opened, the listing will still be visible.

Rooners Tue 14-Jan-14 19:10:39

Sorry! Sorry. I got a few things wrong there. Lily knows what she's talking about so listen to her.

Lily - just one thing, I blocked a potentially problematic bidder recently and they got stroppy because they couldn't message me any more (well they found a way but it wasn't through the listing page - presumably through the 'my world' page or something.

So that's why I thought you could maybe block.

Btw OP - add them to your blocked bidder list if you sell, just in case.

Now I'm just wondering how the listing has been removed, that is really odd.

Rooners Tue 14-Jan-14 19:11:47

Sorry I mean I blocked them from bidding, they then said they couldn't message me, and demanded to know why so I blamed my 'settings' and said I'd try and adjust them. blush

LilyBlossom14 Tue 14-Jan-14 19:48:42

I didn't think blocking a buyer stops them sending messages - unless that is a new thing, which is all good in my opinion!

When you view a message from my ebay you can scroll down and there is a report button on each one - take it from there to report the buyer.

Rooners Tue 14-Jan-14 19:56:47

Yes I wasn't aware of it either...maybe my weirdy bidder made it up!

lljkk Tue 14-Jan-14 20:01:52

Refuse to cancel. They can't file UID since they already tried to cancel.
In spite of being on BBL (which means sod all in reality) You can still send msgs since this transaction is still live.
Leave whatever FB you like.

MissMilbanke Wed 15-Jan-14 10:10:22

OK, I'm at my computer now and the listing is still there and I can leave feedback and report messages so I will do that at some stage. On my phone it says listing has been removed - technology hey !

Been left a lovely positive last night…

' Buyer didn't read the postage conditions !! the idiot won but wouldn't pay "

so thats x4 times I have been called an idiot - would ebay remove that ?

MissMilbanke Wed 15-Jan-14 10:30:50

Sorry thats wrong, the statement above was what they put in the cancellation request.

The feedback says ' Beware !! buyer would not pay stated postage !! sale cancelled and can't leave neg fb.

That probably doesn't breach any rules unfortunately ...

LilyBlossom14 Wed 15-Jan-14 10:37:41

yes ebay will remove the feedback and rap their knuckles - their feedback is against the rules.

Have you refused the cancellation request yet?

LilyBlossom14 Wed 15-Jan-14 10:41:10

report feedback Here

MissMilbanke Wed 15-Jan-14 10:54:42

Thanks for the link Lily.

I had got as far as that, selected the item, selected 'feedback I received' but the next page said 'feedback can only be changed within 30 days Unfortunately, (my seller id) feedback was left more than 30 days ago and therefore it can't be changed. '

confused as it was left for me last night.

I'll give ebay a call later,

why exactly do you think they will remove it though, (my post at 10.10 is incorrect )they haven't called me an idiot publicly and I haven't paid and can't pay ?

Rooners Wed 15-Jan-14 11:31:35

Because it carries a negative statement at odds with the positive mark.

There is probably a glitch. They can get it removed. Meanwhile you can reply calmly to it (link at bottom of your feedback page) saying that they tried to charge you an extra £7- which was not stated in the listing. (do check it wasn't - I'm sure you have already)

Can you link to the listing btw? Just being nosey! smile

Rooners Wed 15-Jan-14 11:34:24

Also yes do leave neg yourself. Something very calm - no capitals however tempting! and then people will know who is in the right.

Have they got any obvious form for this?

If it was me I'd put something like 'added £7 charge after auction, very aggressive seller when I wouldn't pay it'. Something like that.

LilyBlossom14 Wed 15-Jan-14 12:21:19

go onto live chat to get the feedback removed - there must be a glitch I guess

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