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What starting price??? Help please!

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thenicknameiwantedisgone Fri 15-Nov-13 12:36:30

I am trying to sell a bit of software, brand new in box. Past copies have sold for £100-£145.

The ones that have sold for the highest price start with the lowest starting price but what if I put it for 99p and it sells for £60?!?!

I know I can do a reserve price but then I get charged 3% of that on top of the final fee price and paypal's cut.

What should I do? I am between listing it at £99.99 starting price or 99p starting price, with or without a reserve??

I really want a minimum of £100, ideally £120 or more but I understand you can never guarantee with these things.

Any help very welcome, thank you.

SandyDilbert Fri 15-Nov-13 12:59:53

start at £100, but list at 9pm at night and at free listing time. Don't start at 99p.

peggyundercrackers Fri 15-Nov-13 13:13:13

i think you should always start with whatever it is you want for it that way you dont need a reserve.

lljkk Fri 15-Nov-13 17:12:37

I would put it on 30 day buy-it-now (costs 50p) for £145 (I assume that includes postage & insurance?) and edit the listing daily to reduce the price by £1-£2. Best way to get best price on a desirable item, I find.

Send by special delivery, probably; tracked definitely, probably insured, too.

thenicknameiwantedisgone Sat 16-Nov-13 09:21:41

Thanks for your advice. I'll put it on on Monday evening smile.

thenicknameiwantedisgone Sun 24-Nov-13 21:33:08

Thanks for your advice. I put it on at £99.99 and it has just sold with one bid for £99.99. Not ideal but I'm very glad I didn't start any lower.

Thanks again.

VeganCow Tue 26-Nov-13 09:59:44

I have looked at auctions that have ended, for popular stuff like phones, and the ones that go for the most started at 99p.
I always start at 99p myself and have never been disappointed with the selling price.
I suppose it depends on an items popularity.

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