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Aargh, help and advice please!

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eBayhelp Sun 10-Nov-13 21:12:41

I have name changed as paranoid the buyer will read this!

Basically, we have sold an item as spares or repair. It is big so was listed as collection only and I wrote in detail the problems as we see them and also included photos. Several people contacted me wanting it straight away even though no buy it now, even the winning bidder.

Anyway, the winner has now emailed saying that according to a repairman it may be simple or may cost a lot and due to this I should send it to him to get it looked at, or accept half the money and he will pay the rest if it is repairable. Incidentally they live 6 hours away!

Is it right that if selling as spares or repair you should know what is wrong and how much it will cost to repair?

I have just tried going through customer support but they keep ending the conversation.

SandyDilbert Sun 10-Nov-13 21:19:06

erm - no. Cancel the auction, block and relist. I would be tempted to file a non paying bidder case. The buyer cannot negotiate after auction has ended, his bid is meant to be binding. And if you do sell to another buyer please only take cash on collection, never ever paypal.

eBayhelp Mon 11-Nov-13 21:56:53

Thank you for your advice, I will do exactly that.

rwepi Mon 11-Nov-13 22:04:03

Sorry to hijack but what is the issue with paypal for collection items?

I thought paypal was the safe way? Never /bought sold anything for collection

lljkk Mon 11-Nov-13 22:18:10

The buyer can claim never received (collected) RWEPI. Paypal will only accept a trackable method of delivery as proof of goods transfer. Nothing else will do. It's a scam & I don't think it happens often.
There is some weird way buyers can get stung using paypal for collection only, too. Plus sellers pay extra fees if by paypal so please be nice to us sellers & offer cash.

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