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Do I expect too much?

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patchesmcp Mon 04-Nov-13 20:17:46

I've been buying some secondhand baby clothes on eBay recently, and I'm pretty disappointed with the items I've received.

Twice now I've bought items which include tights to discover when the tights arrive they are really worn round the bum, so thin I think my fingers will go through them when I try to put them on my DD. The items have been described as in good condition [hmm

The first time this happened I left positive feedback as the other 3 items were fine and I won the auction for a good price. This time though I'm wondering whether to contact the seller. I wanted the items as they were a set, but now I have a useable t-shirt and pair of shorts but no matching tights sad The items also smelt a bit, possibly of smoke but this doesn't bother me as they're clothes so will wash.

Are my standards too high? The sellers in these cases have each got 100% feedback.

Any suggestions regarding what to do? Do I just suck it up, and just buy items described as new in the future?

TheHappyCamper Mon 04-Nov-13 20:22:44

Tights are often not great 2nd hand I find. I sell lots of girls clothes as an outfit but usually put in the listing that the tights are a bit bobbly but I'm including them because it makes a set IYSWIM?

You could just buy stuff for the other items then buy some matching tights elsewhere possibly?

Sammie101 Mon 04-Nov-13 20:26:27

I've bought quite a lot of clothes for my DD on eBay and all have been in really good condition.

I know it's probably disappointing when stuff is unusable but if it's only a few pairs of tights could you buy some that will match the outfits? I've found asda tights are really nice and reasonably priced. A pack of 3 for £4 I think and some lovely colours smile

If most of the items aren't usable I would ask for a refund

SandyDilbert Mon 04-Nov-13 21:33:25

I think it is worth contacting the seller at least, even if you don't leave a neg or neut feedback I think it is worth saying if an item is no good. Depending on their response I would probably then decide how to proceed.

patchesmcp Wed 06-Nov-13 08:01:05

Thanks everyone smile

I have bought some lovely stuff too, and I think that actually makes it more irritating. You have some lovely sellers who sell some beautiful things and they might not get that much money for them, and then some people who obviously are just clearing out all their stuff who get the same money for stuff which should really just go in the bin.

It makes me annoyed for the genuine sellers as well as for me, as my experience puts me off bidding too high for stuff in case it's rubbish when it arrives.

Think I might send a message this time and see what they say. They might just have not realised.

I've also got two more deliveries on their way so hopefully they will reinstall my faith in sellers. One parcel was described as BNWOT so we shall see...

Thanks again smile

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