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Bloody eBay!

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AngelNanny Fri 01-Nov-13 21:34:00

Sorry just a rant!
A buyer opened a case against DP saying they hadn't received their item. (The buyer paid 10 days late which then clashed with our holiday so we couldn't post for a few days, all fine and he was aware) anyway I provided tracking info and the item arrived the next day. It took a couple of days for the buyer to close the case but he did and expressed how happy he was with the item etc.

fast forward to today, over 24hrs after the case as been closed and my funds in paypal are still on hold! eBay online chat are useless and cannot do anything and Iv got to wait for the resolution team to get in touch if they do sad

Sorry, rant over....
It's just a pain as I want to purchase an item but I can't as paypal will take the money for the item I am purchasing and take the money for this case from my account even though it's all been closed and I cannot afford to pay that total amount at this time angry

AngelNanny Sun 03-Nov-13 21:17:17

eBay have still not sorted this problem. They are not communicating with us at all hmm

Any advice welcome, thanks

GhostsInSnow Mon 04-Nov-13 17:20:22

If you have no proof of delivery there isn't a lot you can do really. How much was the item worth? If you kept your proof of postage from the post office you can claim a lost parcel with Royal Mail but the maximum you can claim is something like £45.

SandyDilbert Mon 04-Nov-13 18:43:27

but buyer closed the case so the money should have been available straight away?

The amount to claim with standard post is £20 if it is lost - but it isn't lost, so seller can't file that claim.

Have you emailed Paypal direct?

GhostsInSnow Mon 04-Nov-13 20:20:34

My understanding of OP's post is paypal sided with buyer and took funds from OP's Paypal account, which is now showing negative balance and until OP puts that money back they cant use their account?

SandyDilbert Mon 04-Nov-13 20:22:35

no - because they said the buyer closed the case after the item arrived, but paypal have not returned the on hold money to the seller.

'It took a couple of days for the buyer to close the case but he did'.

GhostsInSnow Mon 04-Nov-13 21:15:17

Now I'm with it, just read it again slowly blush

Ring em. Pester em. Make a general nuisance of yourself until they return the funds.

Apologies for total misreading, having small crisis of my own here this evening flowers

AngelNanny Tue 05-Nov-13 00:47:30

No problem Juice, I hope your crisis is resolved.

I have had an email from eBay apologising etc. and that they can see the case was closed 4 days ago but that they need longer to investigate.

So they are basically saying they have not got a clue what has happened..... Surely releasing money they have put on hold is easy as they do it all the time with cases being closed.... What is wrong with them!

So DP's account is still in negative balance, our buyer has had the item for just under a week but we still do not have the money hmm

AngelNanny Tue 05-Nov-13 01:07:35

I also meant to add a thank you to Sandy for deciphering my original post and clearing the confusion up for me.

I called paypal as you suggested who have said that it is out of their hands and up to eBay to resolve as it is an error on their part confused

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