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Sent item that I ordered twice

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OwlCat Thu 31-Oct-13 08:14:25

I ordered and paid for one bag but was sent two identical bags in separate packages by the seller.

I contacted the seller immediately to inform them of their error. Their response was to send a reply a day later asking me if I wanted to buy the second bag at a discount. I replied and said no thanks as I have no need for two identical bags. They replied the next day again offering a discount and saying that maybe I could give it as a gift to someone or sell it on, and also that it was now no use to them to sell to someone else as they do not sell returns. I replied to say no thanks. Their reply, the next day, was to say that I should return it to them with a list of information including ebay id, my email address, my address, reason for return, etc, and a photo of my postage receipt and they will then refund my postage when they receive it back. Reading feedback on ebay for the seller, there appear to have been a few incidences where they've not been great with refunds so I was wary of paying the postage/being refunded for it. I have therefore replied that I will check the cost and then please can they send me the postage money before I return it.

Have I acted reasonably? Basically, I don't want to end up out of pocket due to someone else's error, I am fed up with the hassle that this is causing me, and although I am willing to do it, going to the post office to return the item will be out of my way and is difficult with two young children!

DevilsRoulette Thu 31-Oct-13 08:26:13

I think you are reasonable. I am not an expert but doesn't it come under unsolicited goods? If so, then they have to arrange collection otherwise it becomes your property.

I know this is the normal case with stuff people send to you that you didn't order, but I don't know if that extends to things sent in error.

Surely she can't be stupid enough to be sending stuff out trying to get people to pay for it! hmm

I would certainly not provide them with any of my information. I bet they would use that to try to claim that you had sent the actual item you bid on back.

I would say no, I will not provide you with any of that. If you want the bag back, you will send the postage. If you don't do that within X days, I will consider that you do not want it back.

DevilsRoulette Thu 31-Oct-13 08:26:55

I mean sent in error as in 2 instead of 1, and not unsolicited as in out of the blue didn't order anything.

DevilsRoulette Thu 31-Oct-13 08:30:12

actually, I suppose it can't be to claim you've sent back the item you won, because that would just mean you got a refund, right?

God knows what she's playing at, but I really wouldn't give her all your info. She only needs a way to send the postage money to you.

SandyDilbert Thu 31-Oct-13 08:53:54

ask her to send you an sae - and if they don't send it then don't return the item. Unsolicited goods anyway isn't it?

OwlCat Thu 31-Oct-13 09:24:23

Thanks for your replies, requesting an sae is a really good idea, I will do that.

I think what is particularly annoying, is that the seller hasn't thanked me at all for letting them know of their error but is instead acting like I'm inconveniencing them!

nickstmoritz Thu 31-Oct-13 10:03:58

I agree, let them sort it out as they have made a mistake. They can't really cause you any problem with ebay as it is the original bag that is the transaction. Don't leave them pos feedback for that bag yet until this is sorted and an SAE is a good idea although it might be better to get the money so you can post it signed for so they can't claim it didn't arrive. Don't give them any of your details. tbh it sounds a bit odd. Most people would be glad that you had contacted and would want the bag back (unless it was worth less than postage cost in which case they might just say keep it for free). It is simple for them to paypal you some postage money.

OwlCat Thu 31-Oct-13 12:53:21


jendot Mon 04-Nov-13 07:16:13

I would expect the seller to pay me the cost of return postage before I returned the bag. If she was not prepared to do so I would suggest that she arranges her own courier for the item. I would say she has 28 days to arrange collection or the item will be disposed of.
If she was rude or unhelpful I would also reflect this in my feedback on the original transaction.

Tryharder Tue 05-Nov-13 10:08:16

So you have paid for just one bag?

And she sent you two?

And then wants you to send her the money for the 2nd bag?

Wow, just wow.

I would consider posting the bag back if she asked nicely and sent me the postage money upfront (all she has to do is to send you £3 or so through paypal).

Other than that, I would just keep it.

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