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Parcel been returned as buyer has not collected from post office

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larlemucker Mon 28-Oct-13 14:24:57

I'm new to selling on eBay and tbh it hasn't gone well!
Sold a dress, it has been returned to me this morning as the buyer did not collect it from the post office. I posted it on the 4th oct and listed it as dispatched on the same day.

I assume the buyer still wants the dress but can I charge her the £5.20 it is going to cost me to post it again as it's her fault it's been returned to me?

I have so far lost money selling on eBay and therefore don't really want to give a refund.

Please help!!

sarahtigh Mon 28-Oct-13 14:54:28

legally if they open a not received case you will have to refund the total including postage however,
I would wait until they get in touch ( keeping dress meantime in package with not collected label intact) then politely say

"I sent item was sent on 4th october I have proof of posting it was recently returned to me as not having being collected I am happy to send dress again but would need £xxx for postage( this should be exact postage as it is now already packed so any packing costs would be in first lot of P&P) as not my fault it was not collected, please send £x to my paypal account larlemucker@ if you no longer want dress I will refund cost of dress

please let me know how you want to procedd kind regards etc"

attach photo of original proof of posting and return PO label

this is worth a try; obviously they can ask for full refund and get it, not fair but thats the rules
they have 45 days from date of purchase so if no reply by about 17th november there is nothing they can do

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