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Problem Buyer

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rachyconks Thu 24-Oct-13 17:35:08

I have an issue with a buyer who is claiming not to have recieved an item. He paid on 10/10/13 and the item was posted the following day. I know I have the PO receipt (but it's in my car, which is being serviced, get it back tomorrow). He is sending messages saying in lying about posting the item etc. I should mention that as soon as he reported to me he hadn't received it I offered a full refund. He is saying no, he wants the item. He thinks I've kept the item because I didn't get enough for it! This is not true.

He thinks I offered the refund too quickly and didn't check with courier first (which of course I can't do as it's Royal Mail standard postage). I know I should send things recorded or special, but it's not worth it for a £10 item. Id rather jut refund if it gets lost, but this guy is making me think twice.

The upshot is he is reporting to ebay (not too worried about this, have followed the guidelines and 99.9% sure the postage receipt is in my car) and going to leave negative feedback. I have been really nice in all my dealings with him - continuing to offer the refund.

It annoys me that he could be sitting there wearing the bloody top!! And I have no proof!!

What's the best thing to do??


SandyDilbert Thu 24-Oct-13 19:05:41

refund him now and claim from royal mail for lost item using your cert of postage. And if he does leave a neg make sure you respond to it calmly, just state item lost in post, buyer refunded immediately, or suchlike.

rachyconks Thu 24-Oct-13 20:45:30

Thanks sandy. It's just such a shame that issues out of my control can result in neg feedback!

ChazDingle Fri 25-Oct-13 08:42:30

if he leaves negative feedback just leave a really nice reasonable reply, something along the lines of, 'i'm sorry you didn't receive your item however i have refunded you in full so you haven't lost out'. This wouldn't put me off buying from someone. If someone had loads of feedback like this then it would put me off as you would think so many couldn't get lost in post but one item out of many i would give you benefit of doubt

lljkk Fri 25-Oct-13 19:30:15

It's your stars you need to watch. Negative feedback doesn't really hurt, but watch how hard he hits your stars in f/back.

rachyconks Sat 26-Oct-13 10:10:48

Thanks everyone. He hasn't responded after I told him that we had the postage receipt. I'm wondering if maybe he was trying to pull a

rachyconks Sat 26-Oct-13 10:11:43

Hit post by accident!

... Fast one. Either that or the package has arrived? I don't know, it's all a bit strange!

lljkk Sat 26-Oct-13 10:34:22

proof of posting is not proof of delivery. All PoP does is let you claim off of Royal Mail. It doesn't help you win a case at all.

Fgs add him to blocked buyers list.

good luck

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