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Do you have to show your postcode on a listing?

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Dizzydummy Fri 27-Sep-13 11:08:29

I have listed a trailer for sale and it for collection only. Is there anyway I can just state the approximate location such as 'Gloucester' rather than my actual postcode? There are only 4 houses in our postcode and I am worried I may be a target for someone wanting to nick a trailer!!

LilyBossom Fri 27-Sep-13 11:32:52

yes - go to revise your item & scroll down to package details - you can change location there.

sarahtigh Sat 28-Sep-13 10:00:44

once it has sold the buyer will be able to get address from ebay,
I would be a bit more specific than gloucester though or give first half of postcode

Dizzydummy Mon 30-Sep-13 00:35:21

Thanks for that, I have changed it now!

specialsubject Tue 01-Oct-13 12:20:07

I don't think ebay gives out the seller's address automatically. What I do is ask buyers for a phone number and a good time to call. Then when we speak I arrange a collection time and THEN give the full address.

you will know their address if they win the auction so that does help.

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