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Ebay scammers please help and advize!

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MummyUmizoomi Thu 26-Sep-13 21:36:51

Sold my ipad on ebay, buyer bought and paid via paypal 5 days ago. The buyer had repeatedly emailed me to arrange collection and came and collected yesterday. The guy signed the invoice to say its collected.
Today i get a barrage if emails from ebay and paypal that the transaction was fraudulent and my money is on hold. Ebay have been useless and paypal wont help as it was local collection and not posted.
Am FUMING as we are talking £400 and an ipad.
Am learning a few lessons here.
-if local collection insist on cash
If paypal post only.
Has anyone been through this and can anyone offer any advice? Obviously ive been had by a scamming bastard, but what is the next step? The sellers phone is disconnected. I have printed all the emails as evidence.
Thankful for any advice. Xx

LilyBossom Thu 26-Sep-13 22:02:11

which is why you should never take paypal for collected items.

You can go to the ebay boards and ask advice there - one lady lost £400 on an iphone in this way and by kicking up a huge fuss paypal did finally refund her the money.

Sadly apart from going to the police I don't see what you can do. The contact details for the buyer will be fake and you won't be able to track them down.

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