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eBay virgin, where do I start?

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Icanonlytry Tue 24-Sep-13 14:41:48

hi, I hope you don't mind me asking these questions.
I'm trying to save some money for Christmas (sorry smile ) and was hoping to sell some things on eBay but I have no idea where to start and if what I've got is better to put on eBay/facebook selling page or cash for clothes type place and if I should sell to post or collection only.
I have
*loads of clothes men's, womens and childrens eBay/cash for clothes. bundles or sell separately?
*a big box of Barbie dolls, clothes, car, horses etc all like brand new (sell separately, small bundle or large bundle)
*baby swing, play gym, mats some still in the box others used maybe once or twice (Velcro baby)

I have looked on eBay to get an idea but the prices seem so random, three identical items one £20 buy it now, one 99p with 5hours left and one £10 with one day left.
Any tips/advice please, would be most appreciated. grin

MelanieCheeks Tue 24-Sep-13 14:44:57

You can only judge prices based on the actual final winning price - something with hours or days left to go is no indication of what they will actually go for in the end - most bidders act in the last 5 MINUTES of a sale.

Icanonlytry Tue 24-Sep-13 14:47:46

thanks, just seemed strange that the highest bid for the item with longer to run was 10x tgat of the one with an hour left.

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 24-Sep-13 14:56:18

Some are local pickup only which affects the price. Some have terrible photos or lack of description. Some charge a high postage price.

Compare the two auction ones again and I bet you will be able to tell why one is going for more than others.

Many people who bid are the ones who put the item on 'watch'. Buyers are more likely to do this if there is a low starting price, low (or actual) postage, good clear description, measurements/dimensions if needed, pictures of different angles.

Personally I'd put the baby stuff on facebook etc as they are bulky so postage will be high and the Barbie stuff on in either individual lots or small sets. And state in the listing of each that you are selling lots of other Barbie stuff and will combine postage.

Thing is with ebay the things you think should go for a good price, often don't at all. But the things you put on as that bit of tat that you'dtake 99p just to get rid of it, have a funny habit of getting you more money than you expect.

Dont' get too hung up on the individual prices you get for stuff, just total up the price you get for everything you list and it will look better that way!

Icanonlytry Tue 24-Sep-13 17:58:48

thats really helpful thanks smile

sarahtigh Wed 25-Sep-13 19:06:35

on menu on side bar on left look at completed sales or sold items

somethings are listed too high and have probably been relisted on last 6 free listing weekends it means nothing what you need to know is the sold price

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