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Free listing this weekend, but what is worth listing these days?

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Penguin2 Sat 21-Sep-13 09:26:08

I haven't ebayed for a while. It seems to me ebay is not what it once was so I am after advice as to what is worth listing these days.

I have second hand clothes (mine and children's) children's books (which I did have some modest success with last time I ebayed) furniture (if I can persuade dh to part with it) loads of toys, construction type things, other bits - I think they could be termed bric-a-brac. smile

Nothing special, just the sort of family stuff you grow out of. In the old days I would have listed here on MN but I don't think the sale boards are the same as they once were.

So ... worth ebaying or not? If not, is there an alternative? I don't want to give anything away for free as I need to make some money as well as clearing out the house.

AlphaBetaOoda Sat 21-Sep-13 09:33:16

It's more difficult to make money due to postage but I've had some minor successes.
Make sure you get the postage right

JustBecauseICan Sat 21-Sep-13 09:34:39

Cosmetics and creams etc.

Clothes are a fecking disaster.

I suppose as we are coming up to Christmas, toys.

I really need to do some listing as well.

Penguin2 Sat 21-Sep-13 09:40:27

Thanks both.

It is not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it was kind of what I was expecting. sad

Maybe concentrate on toys then? I did brilliantly a couple of years ago with toys in October/November, but it took so much time when I was already too busy with Christmas things so maybe trying now would be easier for me, if not so profitable.

Re postage - ebay take a cut based on both the selling price and the postage now, don't they? Hardly makes it worthwhile.

AlphaBetaOoda Sat 21-Sep-13 09:44:11

Have you tried FB selling?

MissMarplesBloomers Sat 21-Sep-13 09:44:40

I have failed miserably at Ebay recently, things go for pennies or not at all.

More hassle but I think I'll be better off getting together with a few friends & having a table top sale at school or in the village hall!

Can I ask posters to also think about their local Womens Aid charity. Any of the items mentioned above would be gratefully recieved, if you can't sell them.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Sat 21-Sep-13 09:47:17

Have you tried gumtree? Very good for furniture and bigger items.

Iheartcustardcreams Sat 21-Sep-13 09:47:48

Try your local Facebook page. I gave baby clothes to local sure start centre.

Penguin2 Sat 21-Sep-13 09:50:35

How does FB selling work? I did come across it once, but I have just looked and can't remember how to find it anymore.

I sometimes fantasize about having a garage sale like the Americans do. Rope my daughter into selling lemonade at the gate. grin I don't live in the right area for that idea though. wink

lljkk Sat 21-Sep-13 10:09:12

Gumtree better for most that stuff. Or charity shop (sorry).
you could take some time & research the better items, use advanced search to search completed listings to see what kind of prices the same or very similar items have fetched recently.

Iwaswatchingthat Sat 21-Sep-13 10:12:27

Had real success in the summer selling bikes, playhouse, furniture etc. Sold lots of big stuff for 'pick up only'.
It was satisfying as it was listed, sold, then collected in the space of ten days.

I only sell really decent stuff now to get a good price.

Jenda Sat 21-Sep-13 10:13:52

can I ask why clothes are a disaster? I've never sold on ebay before but was thinking about starting it this weekend

Penguin2 Sat 21-Sep-13 10:19:26

Urgh you guys knows how to dishearten a woman! (only joking - I am grateful for the advice smile)

So what is ebay for nowadays? I admit, when I buy from it now, it does seem to be mostly online shops selling new things. It is a shame the second hand market isn't what it once was.

Penguin2 Sat 21-Sep-13 10:25:37

Jenda - I would like to know why too. I think I know though. A few years back, all sorts of clothes would sell - bundles of clothes were popular - and I bought a few. Often you would get half decent stuff and the other pieces would be not very nice. I have never bought anything that turned out to be ripped/stained but I certainly bought things in bundles I didn't like and never wore.

So maybe that has put people off buying secondhand clothes?

From a seller's pov, I would only ever sell clothes when there is free listing as there is this weekend. Then you can list your clothes for free at the minimum price you would be prepared to accept. Trouble is, they may not sell, but at least you have not lost any money listing them.

But I can't decide whether it is worth my while listing if the market is so dead. Whatever I decide, I have already decided to nip out to the local charity shop and pick up some of their donation bags. Good for them, but not great for me hoping to make some money.

StaticSockMonster Sat 21-Sep-13 10:25:54

I list my sons clothes on eBay.
Sometimes they sell sometimes they don't.
I don't put them on for much, maybe £1.50 but if they sell, I look at it as its money that I didn't have before.
I always do it on free listing days and if they don't sell I just wait and re list them next time. The listings are already there so I don't have to faff.
My OH and I have sold loads of furniture, as collection only, quite successfully. Iv never (touch wood) put furniture on more than once.

Give it a go. You've nothing to lose.

tynecorbusier Sat 21-Sep-13 10:42:34

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