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Selling silver rings

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r3d3 Wed 18-Sep-13 20:55:46

I'm having a clear out and I've got about 20 silver rings I want to get rid of, is eBay the best place or would Gumtree work? None is particularly valuable. Would give them to charity shop but don't know if they'd know what to do with them. Sizes all a bit different, mostly L but I don't have a measurer so would be hard to eBay? God I should just charity shop shouldn't i.
Thanks for your help! Mumsnet is running my life.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 18-Sep-13 20:57:15

I heard but I may be wrong that jewellers are now buying them for scrap by the ounce. - just like gold.

PrincessKitKat Wed 18-Sep-13 21:05:12

As PP says you can try a jewellers for the scrap value (a quick glance on google etc is showing about 35p a gram? Double check my dodgy maths!)
Or sell them in bundles if you don't want to list individually? You don't really need to be precise as long as you describe them as you have on here - mixed sizes, mainly 'L'.
People will buy anything on eBay hmm

r3d3 Thu 19-Sep-13 19:30:54

There's not that much silver in a lot of them so don't think I'd get much by weight. Plus it'd be sad. Mostly I want to rehome them. Anyway I can apparently borrow a ring sizer from a friend so ebay looks like it might be the best. Only thing is ill do collection only; I'm in London and can offer to meet people with them. Hopefully lots will be bought by the same people anyway. I know it will vastly reduce the price but it feels very risky for sellers ATM and people could claim they didn't arrive etc sad

sarahtigh Thu 19-Sep-13 20:57:24

if something is silver it will be hallmarked

to check marks use this site

if something is not hallmarked you can not describe as silver yuo must say white metal, or silver plated ( often marked EPNS or just EP) or else say silver coloured

no gold/silver without hallmark can be described as gold or silver

unless nice I would go to jewellers and get them weighed and take scrap value

or take them to auction house to be sold as a lot OK you may not get full value but also no hassle from ebay buyers about not being "silver" etc at auction they maybe bought by dealer for resale or to realise scrap value you will never know anyhow, people look for silver on ebay for same reason to buy belwo scrap value

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