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Possible fake item

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RoxyRobot Tue 17-Sep-13 21:45:06

LilyBossom I'm trying to get it verified now.

bandaberg, I bought the item to sell on.

bundaberg Tue 17-Sep-13 21:40:27

why have you listed it yourself? you bought it and now are immediately selling it even though you're pleased with it?

LilyBossom Tue 17-Sep-13 21:38:30

can you get it verified anywhere so you know it is genuine? Can the seller you bought from prove it is real?

RoxyRobot Tue 17-Sep-13 20:37:29

It's a collectable I've not got any experience of but doesn't look or feel fake. I've withdrawn my listing. Don't want to take the chance.

LilyBossom Tue 17-Sep-13 20:32:52

well they could be a rival seller trying to ruin seller A, but unless you are sure it isn't a fake you should end your listing.

Depends what it is, can you verify it in any way?

RoxyRobot Tue 17-Sep-13 20:27:25

I received an item this morning from a seller (call them seller A). I was pleased with the item so left positive feedback. I've just got a message through the eBay message system from a different seller (seller B) saying that seller A sells fakes and uses several usernames. The message even gave seller A's contact details including phone number. They presumably got my ID off the feedback I left seller A earlier.

I little freaked out by this. Even more because I've already listed seller A's item myself earlier today.

What do I do? I've already emailed seller B asking what there evidence is but do I withdraw my listing?

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