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My new shoes just snapped in half!

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NeopreneMermaid Mon 16-Sep-13 23:28:29

Bought some lovely brogues and wore them for second time today. Can't have walked more than 300 metres in them in total. The soles on both of them snapped in half! I have never seen anything like it.

Seller won't refund me and said I have to take it up with the manufacturer. Should I open a case? Try to claim back through PayPal (can I claim for goods not fit for purpose?)? Any other ideas? They weren't expensive - about £12 inc. p&p - but I'm angry.

LilyBossom Tue 17-Sep-13 07:52:47

yes open a not as described case with ebay - you will prob have to return at your expense for a refund.

Seller cannot refuse a refund - make sure you leave appropriate feedback and stars.

lljkk Tue 17-Sep-13 08:49:23

SNAD yes.

nickstmoritz Tue 17-Sep-13 12:37:18

I would open a not as described case for a full refund. Are they selling lots of these shoes or was it a one off item? They might be faulty. It's not really up to you to approach the manufacturer. The seller is in the wrong unless the shoes were described as having a major fault or you bought them as well worn (which I doubt for that price). As ebay seem to be advertising getting your money back if you are not satisfied I'd say they would support you in this case.

NeopreneMermaid Wed 18-Sep-13 07:42:01

Thanks, all. They were listed as new, which I believe and only broke when I wore them. I'll contact eBay.

NeopreneMermaid Wed 18-Sep-13 07:44:36

It's a private seller selling just one. She said she bought them two months ago and never wore them. They're Saxone shoes and look a bit vintagey so I'm not sure I believe how new they are (I believe they've never been worn) - they look like they've been at the back of someone's wardrobe for years but I can't prove that.

TheProsAndConsOfHitchhiking Wed 18-Sep-13 07:46:20

Definitely open a case.

NeopreneMermaid Wed 02-Oct-13 20:45:28

I opened a case and eBay decided in my favour and refunded me for the item and postage and closed the case. I'd said I'd send them back if the seller paid for postage. The seller messaged me after the case had closed to ask me to "Please do so asap."

However, I just checked my PayPal account and she has not paid for the extra return postage. Would I be rude just to not bother sending them back? If she asks, I'll explain but I'm not losing money so she can chuck them in the bin.

I'd also like to see info can get them repaired (I suggested I get a quote and bill her but she declined) but would this go against the spirit of the refund?

I'm over-thinking this, aren't I?

LilyBossom Wed 02-Oct-13 21:13:24

yes you are - you don't have to send them back. Ebay prob gave you a no fault refund, the seller has kept the money and is not out of pocket. The shoes are yours to do with what you want.

NeopreneMermaid Sun 06-Oct-13 18:57:00

Gah. She's just messaged me asking if I've sent them yet as she hasn't received them. I replied to say no because I'm waiting for her to send me the postage costs so I can.

eBay has closed the case already so I assume I can't open another one about this extension of a case.

Should I be polite and see this out (ie either agree I don't send them back or she stumps up so I can) or should I just block her now?

LilyBossom Sun 06-Oct-13 19:38:56

she can't ask for them back - she hasn't refunded you, ebay have? I wouldn't even bother replying to her.

Have you left feedback yet?

NeopreneMermaid Sun 06-Oct-13 23:09:22

The refund I received through PayPal has her email address and she is saying she has lost money by refunding me. She also said eBay t&cs state that if I get a refund, I have to send the item back at my own expense. I can't see that on my phone but is that right?

She's sounding very unpleasant ("I"m getting fed up of this" and "watch your words" are two of her choicest terms of endearment) but I don't want to disclaim the moral highground smile (I've been factual and given her the benefit of the doubt throughout).

NeopreneMermaid Sun 06-Oct-13 23:09:54

Haven't left feedback yet. Will do when it's all over. And then block her.

nickstmoritz Sun 06-Oct-13 23:32:29

What a pain. I would reply that if she pays for the return you will post them back to her and that if she is unsatisfied then she can contact ebay customer service (who will support you as you are in the right). She should have asked you to return the faulty shoes and then refunded you plus return postage in the first instance.

It's a shame when this happens and annoying for the seller but that's just the way it is. Also you can report her if she is abusive in her messages.

NeopreneMermaid Sun 06-Oct-13 23:47:40

She did ask me to return them in the first instance and I said I would if she covered the cost.

Not sure why she'd want them back - they're not wearable in their current state. I have had a petty thought about sending them without a stamp so she has to pay to collect them. grin

LilyBossom Mon 07-Oct-13 09:28:45

do you know what I would ignore, and report her emails. Ebay did not tell you to return, so you don't have to. And the refund, I think it will prob be an ebay no fault refund. If you go to ebay live chat you can report from there and check it was a no fault refund

And I would leave a neg now - she has no leg to stand on demanding them back, I would not engage with her any further.

NeopreneMermaid Mon 07-Oct-13 11:52:13

I just checked the returns policy and it does seem that I have to return them at my own expense. sad

How do you report, Lily?

LilyBossom Mon 07-Oct-13 12:38:45

no you do not have to return them - her policy and what she says is irrelevant. Did ebay tell you to return them?? They didn't tell you to return them so you don't have to.

Go to live chat from customer support at top right of ebay.

nickstmoritz Mon 07-Oct-13 14:07:57

As Lily says, it doesn't matter if the seller says no returns or returns at your expense. If the item is faulty you should not be out of pocket.

NeopreneMermaid Mon 07-Oct-13 19:09:30

I got REALLY confused today. In the buyer support bit, it said the seller should pay to return, in the seller support bit, it said the buyer should pay and the customer support guy I spoke to didn't know who should!

In the meantime, the seller just agreed that I didn't need to return them after all. Storm in a teacup.

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