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Returning item to seller by hand rather than courier

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BeachTowel Sun 08-Sep-13 12:40:46

I bought a bike which was collection only (seller only lives round the corner).

The bike was not as described and after fairly fruitless dialogue with the seller, I escalated the case to Ebay and they have found in my favour (I think) and told me to return the bike to the seller so I can be refunded. The problem is that Ebay want a courier tracking number before they do this.

I do understand why they want this, but it will cost a fortune to courier - I wouldn't know where to begin with packing it! - and actually, I can just drop it round at the seller's house really easily.

Will it be possible for me to do this? If I get the seller to sign receipt for the item (will be awkward as she's pissed off with me) would Ebay accept this, do you think?

LilyBossom Sun 08-Sep-13 14:18:58

no - if you don't have online proof with a courier ebay will not refund you. The seller can't be forced to refund.

You should have paid cash and checked it before you took it. The seller is v silly taking paypal, you could have claimed not received and got a full refund.

Your only recourse is small claims court if the seller refuses to refund.

BeachTowel Sun 08-Sep-13 21:37:26

Thank you. I feared that may be the case.

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