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10 years on ebay & just left my first negative.

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nickstmoritz Fri 06-Sep-13 19:04:47

Well, that felt weird. I usually just not leave any or maybe say something like.."item received" but finally snapped! I put so much effort into washing, ironing, describing, wrapping, posting quickly etc and tbh I hardly buy because of some of the tat I have received along the way. I am pretty careful but bought a belt which was described as new without tags. I got it at a good price. However, after waiting 7 days and no belt I sent a polite message to see if it had been reply. I waited til 10 days and opened a case. Today 16 days after paying it arrives and is WELL used not new. I try not to swear too much but FFS!

Seller was only on 5 feedback, 1 a neutral and 1 a positive but buyer said item not as described. They have had a chance to get better at it so I have left a neg. I think coming on here and reading some of the stories has finally wised me up.

RoxyRobot Fri 06-Sep-13 23:44:43

I'm the same. I've left too negatives in the last 2 weeks after years of 'item received' being my worst. Finally had enough when a seller was rude to me for asking for an update on a broken item i received after a week of no contact. Don't feel bad, you need to let other people know what they're like.

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