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Item not as described - deciding whether to send back

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Bringbring Wed 04-Sep-13 15:27:00

Bought a child rucksack carrier for £25, was described as used twice but it's obviously been used far more than this.the material is worn through on places near the waist straps.

Is it worth sending it back? It would cost £10 ish to send back. I probably would use the carrier if it had been lent by a friend but only to try it out, not long term. I'm not sure if the rips will compromise the safety of the rucksack with a bigger child.

If I return the item, maybe they'll sell it on again. Is there anyway eBay will process a refund (happy to let seller keep postage costs) and then I'll dispose if the item?

Tryharder Wed 04-Sep-13 15:45:58

I doubt they will let you keep it and give you a refund. You may mean well but surely you can see why it wouldn't happen.

You can return items very cheaply using a courier for around £5. Collect plus or Hermes.

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