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Anyone know where the link to ebay live chat has gone?

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ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 27-Jul-13 21:25:12

This jacket us really rare and I know BigDD would love it.

I just wouldn't have bid do high if it had been described accurately.

She needs reporting yo eBay fir listing everything as new when it's not.

But I'll get this case out the way first

Interestingly she hasn't responded to my request for her address.

lljkk Sat 27-Jul-13 19:26:52

But how does seller convince Ebay that those aren't the right security marks? It's still seller vs. buyer's word, right? Unless seller had option to enter security info as part of the original listing sometimes?

I guess I can't believe that Ebay ever finds in Seller's favour in either scenario.

sarahtigh Sat 27-Jul-13 17:27:05

just in case she says you have not returned the item she sent ( it happens unfortunately known scam) with both buyers and sellers

you break something; you buy identical one when it arrives you say its broken take pictures and get refund however you send pictures of your own old broken item seller has to refund so buyer ends up with new item and the money (unless seller has taken a note of serial numbers or security marked it etc) when broken item is returned they will not be able to prove that it was not the item sent so seller is scammed

the reverse also happens you say item is new ( WITH OR WITHOUT TAGS) you send an old one buyer complains you tell them to return for refund you raise case says old item returned supply paypal etc with lots of photos of the new items buyer gets strike and no refund this scam is harder to do but it also happens

lljkk Sat 27-Jul-13 11:22:14

ime photos won't make a tick of difference. Ebay will find in your favour regardless and without any proof. Make sure to send it back by tracked delivery.

ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 27-Jul-13 11:20:35

Ok, I can do that. Why does it help my case, though?


sarahtigh Fri 26-Jul-13 18:44:04

take extra photos with item resting on the mailing bag she sent it in

LilyBossom Fri 26-Jul-13 11:12:15

oh yuck - horrid seller

well once you prove return you will get a refund, despite what her rants state, and then you can leave a neg and low stars.

ChaosTrulyReigns Fri 26-Jul-13 11:03:08

I've opened a case after asking yo return it as it is not in the condition she stated.

She then went in a rant calling me rude abd ridonkulous (seroously) and a lyer, saying she'd take it further if it was returned to her in any different condition she sent ut in.

I have a gut feeling after about 5 rants messages that I'm just going yo get trouble when I return it.

All of her listing are clothes. She lists them all as New Without Tags, but then writes "only worn a few times" abd the like in the description.

Mine was listed as worn once excellent condition.

There are marks over it (about 4) hair jn the velcro, signs of wear on the sheepskin collar.

LilyBossom Fri 26-Jul-13 10:21:23

have you spoken to the seller? - never mind if they are awkward, you can just open a case.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 25-Jul-13 23:25:48

Thanks, I'll try in the morning.

nickstmoritz Thu 25-Jul-13 22:55:35

It does seem to go off line sometimes. I have had that before. Just try again later/tomorrow.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 25-Jul-13 22:39:47

I'm perplexed.

I've got an issue with a product not described, and i think the seller is going to be, um, awkward. wink

I could really do with sime officialness.

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