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Please may I pick your brains about how to list an item, oh wonderful, intelligent, ebay experts.

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LostInWales Sat 13-Jul-13 13:29:59

We have a scooter deck that I bought for my son for £39 in the sale last year but he cannot get the headset to make it work for his scooter so he wants me to sell it for him as he can't return it. The RRP is £79.99 and there are some of the exact same ones on ebay for a similar price so how do we go about selling it? I have only ever put low value items for sale before starting a 99p but obviously we are too scared to do that with the deck in case someone gets a bargin! Is buy it now the best way or just starting at say £30?

I hope you don't mind me asking, he is desperate to make his cash back and has dreams of making a fortune, I want to temper his dreams but I still don't want him to be incredibly disappointed.


lljkk Sat 13-Jul-13 14:15:15

There will be a "sell similar item" link when you are viewing listings. I'd click on that to start. Gets you a title & a the right category.

Right now is a terrible time of year to sell much.

My gut feeling in your case is to list it Buy it Now for 30 days for the highest price you think you might possibly get, £50? That will only cost 40p. Then after 5 days, every day edit the listing to reduce the price by £1 (you won't get charged for the edits). Make sure you have carefully researched the courier options and price up appropriately (I always add 2-3 quid to the raw P+P, even though some people will holler at you for that, most don't give a flying Fig).

LostInWales Sat 13-Jul-13 14:35:48

Thank you, that's already 100x more than I ever knew. DS1 has been sent a text saying he can have three free listings this weekend as he has never sold before and he is itching to put it on. I'll tell him it's a bad time of year and see what he thinks.

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