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seller asking for more postage once i have paid?

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pod3030 Wed 10-Jul-13 07:14:39

I bought a handbag and the postage was £5.00, seller then emailed me to let me know it had been sent, but that postage was £8 and to transfer extra money to pay pall. is this a done thing? i thought £5.00 was a bit steep as it is. i would have prefered to have been asked first with an option of cancelling/

pod3030 Wed 10-Jul-13 07:15:26

*paypal obv, blumming autocorrect

dietstartsmonday Wed 10-Jul-13 07:17:24

I would just ignore it, item is on way anyway. I have underestimated postage before but just have to swallow the cost

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Wed 10-Jul-13 07:19:45

They can't do that.

fergoose Wed 10-Jul-13 08:22:41

ignore - it is against the rules to ask you for more postage, they underestimated the cost then it is their problem.

pod3030 Wed 10-Jul-13 11:08:36

thanks all ,

TheMoonOnAStick Wed 10-Jul-13 11:13:52

Blimey what a cheekshock If they get funny with you report to Ebay.

Mckayz Wed 10-Jul-13 11:19:49

I underestimated postage once and I just had to suck it up. Just ignore them as its against eBays rules.

nickstmoritz Wed 10-Jul-13 11:31:25

Agree. Seller must take the hit. It has happened to me before but you just have to put up with it and revise p&p for next time. The Royal Mail price and size changes have caught out many sellers. It is not your fault though and seller must not ask you for more money. btw £5 isn't steep any more, it has probably genuinely cost your seller around £8 to post the bag.

Tryharder Wed 10-Jul-13 16:54:27

How does a bag cost £8 to send??

You can send a parcel of upto 2kg in weight for less than a fiver with a courier.

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