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Changing delivery method after sale

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sarahtigh Tue 18-Jun-13 20:44:16

I have not found that to be the case; I do offer royal mail but when the choice is courier at £4.20 or royal mail at £8 (medium parcel between 1-2kg) no-one takes the RM option

occasionally for glass /porcelain items I only offer RM but i say so in listing that i do not send glass via courier

plainjaney Sun 16-Jun-13 17:56:48

I personally wouldn't. I read a thread over on MSE a few weeks ago from a buyer who's seller had changed to courier from RM and they were understandably annoyed. General consensus was that changing postage methods wasn't the best way to endear a buyer.
If RM can't deliver your buyer can simply go to the sorting office to collect at their leisure, with a courier this isn't possible so some people avoid auctions which post via courier.

lljkk Sun 16-Jun-13 08:52:54

Buyer might mind a lot, but you can always msg & ask, today is Sunday so most of us can't send anything out today, anyway.

fergoose Sun 16-Jun-13 07:48:03

you can change the auctions you have scheduled though can't you. And I would wait until free listing too, will prob be a flw next weekend. Schedule them further ahead, then amend to go live earlier than that on flw and you won't need to pay 6p at all.

Sleepyfergus Sun 16-Jun-13 06:07:48

Thanks, I would refund any significant savings but hadn't thought about the convenience for some of knowing that RM is being used.

I'll just stick with RM this time and be a bit more savvy next time.

countydurhamlass Sun 16-Jun-13 02:51:03

i think it would depend whether you are passing the savings onto your buyers? i would not be happy but that is because its easier for me to receive parcels by royal mail (the collection point if i am not in is not too far away). also i know if i am not in and one of my neighbours was in they would catch the postman and take the item in

Sleepyfergus Sun 16-Jun-13 00:07:48

Can I change the delivery method after an auction ends? I usually send everything 2nd class recorded, but have since been reading about MyHermes, and it might be cheaper and easier than spending my entire lunch hour queuing at the PO, to use them.

I've a load of scheduled listings all prepped and ready to unleash tomorrow night (I will amend and unschedule them before they were scheduled to list and get my 6p back per item!) but have said I send 2nd class recorded in my listing description and also chosen this as my shipping method.

Will the buyer mind? It's still a track & traceable method of delivery, just a different company.

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