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What FB would you leave?

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ChazDingle Wed 12-Jun-13 21:40:20

did they leave postive feedback? If they didn't then i wouldn't worry or do anything further. When i'm buying somthing i only ever look at comments with negative or neutral feedback and i would imagine most people do the same.

Tryharder Wed 12-Jun-13 17:31:02

I would ignore as well. An item of furniture for £6 is a steal. There are some exasperating people on EBay.

fergoose Tue 11-Jun-13 08:51:53

I would ignore - any reply can make you seem petty.

Borntobeamum Tue 11-Jun-13 07:46:27

I sold a corner display cabinet at the weekend.
It went for £6 and in my opinion, they god an absolute bargain.
It was immaculate as had just stood in the corner of the lounge for 10 years.
Mahogany, lockable and as I said, immaculate.
The buyer has left this FB.

Item okish. But exc communication.

Should I just ignore the okish comment or post a witty retort?

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